About BA

About Brewster

Expect Great Things

Something powerful is happening on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee. Brewster Academy’s 360 students in grades 9 – 12/PG come from 21 countries and 23 states; 80 percent of them are boarding students. They live, learn, and lead in a community designed for students to grow strong in mind, body, and spirit.

Brewster students learn:

To be responsible, honest, and self-disciplined.
To listen, observe, and apply what they learn.
To master the fundamentals and persevere in the pursuit of specific interests.
To create projects that transform how they do research, communicate, and collaborate.
To inspire others with their integrity, fairness, and compassion.
To aspire to make a difference through service.
To challenge themselves, at their pace, on their terms.
To develop their EQ as well as their IQ.
To exceed their greatest expectations.

Students come to Brewster to experience the way education should be.

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