Social and Emotional Learning

Become Your Best Self

Brewster Academy is unique in its approach to fostering your social and emotional learning. Of course, each and every day you are confronted with various social and emotional challenges and opportunities for character growth. In the dorm, in the hallways, in class, in the dining hall, on the fields, on the phone with parents, in the gym, downtown – simply everywhere! Learning how to navigate the highs and lows of your day and the complexity of various social dynamics is what makes this period of your life simultaneously exciting and daunting. What we do offer you at Brewster – along with plenty of opportunities to grow through experience – is the chance to engage in a classroom setting with your peers to try to anticipate and reflect upon the inevitable challenges of adolescence. Our sequence of programs focuses initially on developing an awareness of self and then pushes you to consider others. Unlike many schools, Brewster builds time for this work into the class day. This program’s location in the academic day highlights how important we think this work is for your overall development as a successful young adult.
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