Your Success as a Learner

It's all Intentional

Visitors to Brewster frequently share with us that what they see is how intentional we are about all that we do. Our academic program has one goal – to help you be the best possible learner you can be. We achieve this by creating engaging classes where you are challenged to achieve all that you are capable of, so everything we do is designed to support you in achieving that goal.

Our teachers recognize the importance of being skilled in both the art and the science of teaching. They get to know you as a learner and really care about your success. All of our teachers are trained in our program, and they all utilize practices that research shows is most effective. When you go from one class to another, there is a level of familiarity that helps you feel comfortable and ready to learn.

Brewster’s curriculum is developmental in nature. This means that the courses in a department are linked and build your skills incrementally over time. The curriculum is also designed to meet individual needs. We do this by differentiating what we expect students to do based on who they are as learners. Thus, there is a place for you to find success in each of your classes, not just the ones in which you are strongest.
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