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Welcome to Brewster!
You've read through the pages of our web site and the publications we've sent you in the mail, and you're excited because Brewster sounds like the place where you belong … where you can become a leader … where you can activate your future.

Now, check out some statistics:
  • Brewster graduates record more than a 95 percent retention rate from their freshman to sophomore year in college compared to the national average of about 75 percent.
  • Brewster's own retention rate is 96 percent, a figure that is 11 percent above The Association of Boarding Schools Benchmark for High Retention Schools.
  • More than 90 percent of Brewster graduates report that Brewster prepared them well for all aspects of college.
  • Nearly two-thirds of Brewster alumni feel they were academically ahead of their fellow college classmates because of Brewster Academy.
  • The social transition from Brewster to college is an easy one for the vast majority of alumni. In fact, the social skills developed at Brewster are a tremendous advantage for our graduates in their preparation for, and transition to, college.
  • The majority (94 percent) of alumni report being highly satisfied with their Brewster education and would choose Brewster again.
You've discussed your options with your parents and, together, have come to realize that a quality independent secondary school like Brewster may be the best choice to achieve your goals.

Take the next step toward activating your future and schedule your campus visit today!
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