Student Life

Become a Leader

Life at Brewster is not just about living in a safe, incredibly beautiful campus by a lake … in a town so friendly that the whole world comes to visit.

At the heart of Brewster’s community life is the firm belief that leaders aren’t necessarily born, they are made. And that leadership skills, visionary thinking, and character are all qualities you develop by getting involved in a learning community founded on such principles as: respect, being helpful, contributing, and serving yourself and others with your best in all you do.

Spend a few hours touring our campus. You’ll notice that regardless of whether it is within the classroom or outside—through student activities, athletics, a vibrant dorm life, community service, or decisive group meetings—these are the fundamental values that guide every aspect of life at Brewster.


The Student Leadership Program is based on the belief that each student can develop leadership skills in unique ways. The school, therefore, offers each student the opportunity to realize and develop leadership skills. The benefits to the student leader are obvious; the benefits to other students are that they interact with peer leaders, and through those leaders, all students have a voice in the operation of the school. Examples of some leadership opportunities available during the year include proctors, tour guides, national honor society, athletic team captains, prefects, the Dean's Council, peer counselors, community service project organizers, club membership, and positions on the publications staffs.
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