Visual Arts

Visual arts encompasses a variety of mediums from more traditional painting and drawing classes to digital web and software programs and even publishing.

Traditional offerings include three arts electives: studio arts, advanced studio arts, and ceramics. These programs are designed to allow you to have the opportunity to develop your skills in drawing, painting, and mixed media. Through the use of various mediums and projects, you will have the time to focus on ways to further develop your techniques and skill level under the guided and structured assignments. You are always encouraged to bring your personal style and interests to the class as you explore how to use different methods to create various works of art.
To learn more about studio arts, please contact Alicia Childers.
Want to be a part of Brewster’s magic? Join the yearbook class! Do you want to learn “out of the box” composition? Take an exploration in photography and graphic design with us. Let’s create, critique, clarify, compose, and produce a fantastic yearbook, the Winnipesaukean. Your voice matters. Using innovative crowdsourcing software the yearbook staff collaborates to put together a part of history. Develop techniques that are needed in colleges and beyond. This year-long course culminates in the completion of a quality product which captures the spirit of the year.

To learn more about the yearbook, contact Alicia Childers.

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