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Bobcat Nation Series Part III

                                                                    Tara Fitzpatrick (Wolfeboro, New Hampshire)

April 28, 2017 -- Part three of Bobcat Nation Series features three-sport varsity athlete Tara Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick, a Wolfeboro native, has been playing soccer, basketball, and softball for her four years at Brewster and says she has truly enjoyed every second of being a part of Bobcat Nation.

“I’ve loved being a three-sport athlete here at Brewster,” noted Fitzpatrick in a recent interview. “I have been a part of winning teams and losing teams in my four years and regardless of the success, I have really just enjoyed the competition, camaraderie, and just having something to look forward to every afternoon!”

Fitzpatrick grew up playing in all three seasons through her early years. She took part in the Wolfeboro/Tuftonboro basketball league, youth soccer, and actually played baseball rather than softball all through little league right up through junior high school. She picked up softball when Brewster re-started its program in her sophomore year. Fitzpatrick likes the structure that being a three-sport athlete brings to her life.

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Bobcat Nation Series Part II

                                                                                    Maddy Cunningham ’17  (Narberth, Pennsylvania)

April 21, 2017 –The Bobcat Nation Series celebrates three-sport varsity athlete Maddy Cunningham ‘17. Maddy arrived at Brewster in her sophomore year having been a hockey player and a gymnast. Gymnastics was the first sport Maddie was introduced to at a young age but then at the age of nine, she took up ice hockey.

“My father and brother were big into hockey and it’s a popular sport in the Philadelphia area,” recalls Maddy. “Starting ice hockey at age nine is actually late in comparison to most kids, but I really enjoyed the sport, the competition, and the bond I shared through the sport with my dad.”

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Bobcat Nation Series Part I

                                                                               Peter Vanechanos ‘17  (Ossipee, New Hampshire)

April 17, 2017 – The Athletic Department has developed the Bobcat Nation Series, which will open with a variety of profiles on our graduating seniors who have been three-sport varsity athletes at the Academy. Today there are fewer multi-sport athletes than in years past and especially those who play three at the varsity level. Brewster Academy’s Athletic Department always encourages students to get involved in as many interscholastic sports as possible and would like to celebrate those students who have made the commitment during their time at Brewster.

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