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Trey Whitfield School Choir Returns to Brewster

January 17, 2012
Head of School Mike Cooper opened today’s All School with a warm welcome to Brewster’s “extended family” from the Trey Whitfield School. Trey’s parent’s, AB Whitfield and Janie Whitney, brought friends, faculty members, and the Trey Whitfield School choir to this annual celebration of Trey’s life in conjunction with Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Cooper described today as the year’s “best All School.”

Cooper remarked, “Every year I walk away from this event with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.” With a nod to Brewster’s inclusion of emotional intelligence, Cooper noted that he was in a pretty good place on the mood meter when he reflects upon this event.

Guest speaker Steve Promislo ’88 brought tears to more than a few eyes when he recalled memories of his friendship with Trey and their time together on and off the basketball court. He talked of his “dynamic, charismatic, and charming” friend who had an amazing ability to relate to everyone on Brewster’s campus. “I loved Trey, and I miss him, but I’m so glad the World is a better place because he was here.”
Opening Remarks
True to form, the choir gave a heartwarming and energizing performance, bringing our students to their feet and in some cases, up onto the stage.

Janie Whitney spoke at the conclusion of the event and left our captivated students with this thought …”At Brewster nothing is more important than the relationships you form; take those with you in life.”

Following the All School former Brewster Dean Joyce Ferris thoughtfully commented, “we know when our moments in life are good ones. We need to remember however, to look back and cherish those moments.”

Photos by: BG Hodges


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