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Dr. Cooper On The Road: On The Brewster Program

September, 2012
2012 marked the 125th Anniversary of Brewster Academy and has been a year of reflection for us at the Academy and has also been a time for focus on the evolution of the Brewster program and the importance of our position in education and preparing students for their future success in college and life in the 21st Century. 
Head of School, Dr. Michael E. Cooper, has a series of speaking engagements at conferences this year to highlight Brewster's program, including the introduction of Emotional Literacy to our curriculum and our partnership with the Ruler group of Yale University.
In May, Dr. Cooper, Peter Hess, dean of studies; Lynne Palmer, director of admission and external affairs; and Matt Butcher, English department chair; presented at the International Educational Consultants Association conference on Brewster's 2020 Vision and the need to prepare students with the skills that are important for life and careers in the 21st century. Brewster's integration of project-based learning and emotional literacy into its curriculum were highlights of the presentation.

To listen to Cooper and colleagues speak about the Emotional Literacy program at Brewster, click here.

Upcoming 2012 Presentations:

Secondary School Admission Test Board (SSATB)
September 21 - Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Mike Cooper, head of school; Lynne Palmer, director of admission and external affairs;

Systematic Planning: A Necessary Evil or an Imperative for Survival?
Today, more than ever, it is vital for schools to be systematic in their planning efforts when it comes to marketing, curriculum development, and delivery of message. Understanding the environment in which a school operates, how the school is communicating what it does in a compelling manner and distinguished from the crowd, and how the school is addressing the needs of its students through the delivery of its program, is critical to the school’s growth and development, particularly in the climate in which we operate. Given continuing increases in tuition, if we do not continue to show value for what we do, we run the risk of obsolescence.

This presentation is designed to show how one school has focused on data analysis as it has evolved its educational program. Taking its lead from what experts are promoting as the skills necessary for success in today’s world, Brewster Academy has brought high value to its student-centered experience. It has done so based on an understanding of its market, its review of research on how best to prepare students for college, and how that has translated into the development of three high-value program offerings. Participants will leave with a better understanding of the complexities associated with, not only planning, yet how important and challenging it is to bring outcomes and results into fruition that are mission focused and responsive to the needs of today’s students. Time will be allotted for questions and opportunities for schools to discuss specific issues and challenges they are facing in their own planning efforts.

The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS)
November 29 - December 1 - Washington, D.C.

Dr. Mike Cooper, head of school; Dr. Marc Brackett, Yale University;
Joe Fernald, dean of students

Teaching Emotional Literacy and Its Impact on Student Conduct

This session is structured to demonstrate how an intentional response to student misconduct (called the Engaged Discipline System) can turn a perfunctory reaction to a code violation into a highly personalized and meaningful growth opportunity positively impacting academic performance, interpersonal relations, and retention. Relevant components of the skills-based emotional literacy approach being used at the school in partnership with Yale University will be highlighted to show how impactful the regulation of emotion can be on student conduct.


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