The Power of Your Team

Before you ever join a sports team, a singing group, or the cast of the play, you will be a member of a team at Brewster. Named after the faculty head of that team, your team comprises the people who will teach you, your classmates, and your advisor. We have six teams at Brewster, and your team is where you start at Brewster – it’s your home-base and your workplace. We call this collection a “team” because collaboration is what you do. Your team will work together on academic, extra-curricular, and service endeavors, all in an effort to stretch you as individuals and emphasize the importance of community.

Before you arrive, your teachers will have worked hard to get to know you through school records and testing, and they will be your first advocates and champions. Throughout the year, they will meet regularly (three times a week) to talk about your progress and how they can best support you in and out of the classroom. Your success is the team’s success!
Your Teachers
You’ll find that most of your teachers live on campus and are an integral part of your life at Brewster. They are your academic mentors inside the classroom, encouraging coaches, inspiring guides, supportive dorm parents, and amusing lunch partners outside. Skilled in both the art and the science of teaching, Brewster teachers employ various strategies to help you understand the material most effectively. They provide you with opportunities to practice your developing skills and work to push you. Often seeing your potential more fully than you do, they seek to challenge you to stretch your own expectations of yourself.
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