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Bobcat Nation Celebrates Opening of Outdoor Turf Surface

October 31, 2012 -- A lot can happen in a year. This week one year ago, Mike Cooper stood on his back steps looking out over more than a foot of snow that had just blanketed campus during an unseasonable October snowstorm. He wondered how the snow would impact the fall field teams.

Yesterday, despite the soaking effects of yet another October storm – Hurricane Sandy – Mike Cooper stood at the edge of Brown Field looking out over a brand new synthetic turf surface. This year, he didn’t have to ponder the elements so much. Despite the afternoon drizzle, enthusiastic soccer and field hockey players stepped onto the field for the first practices to be played on the new surface.

"When I think about where we were a year ago and how an idea has turned into a reality in such a short time ... well, it's simply amazing that so many could come together to make this happen for the school,” Mike Cooper said. “Watching the coaches yesterday on the field was like watching new parents on the arrival of their first child, excitement, anticipation, and sense of pride all rolled into one."

This beautiful facility was made possible thanks to generous support by our dedicated parents, alumni, and friends. It will be home to Brewster's soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey teams. Watch the turf rollout.

Today, the boys’ junior varsity and varsity soccer teams have the honor of playing Brewster’s first games on the new turf surface. Go Bobcat Nation!


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