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Dr. Cooper to be Honored by Trey Whitfield Foundation

A.B. Whitfield (P ’89), COO of the Trey Whitfield School in Brooklyn, New York, announced today at a Brewster Academy assembly that the Trey Whitfield Foundation is excited to honor Head of School Dr. Michael E. Cooper for his service to Brewster, the Trey Whitfield School, and above all – his dedication to education. As AB put it, they are so happy to honor Dr. Cooper as he is, "One of the best friends anyone could have asked for. A real person, striving to do something good in the world."

The announcement was followed by a standing ovation from the Brewster community. Dr. Cooper accepted this honor, noting that he is humbled and touched to be in the company of such dedicated people.

Cooper will be officially honored in July at the 21st Annual Trey Whitfield Foundation Awards Dinner along with other adult and student honorees who “have achieved success in academics, career, or community service … setting a standard of excellence for us to follow.”

Above, Cooper and Whitfield flank friends, past and present colleagues, Trey Whitfield School graduates, and Brewster students.


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