The Wizard of Oz

February, 2014

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The Cast

Lydia Allen, Munchkin City Father & Company
Jake Anderson, General of the Winkies & Company
Tabitha Barr, Aunt Em / Emily Gale
Daniel de Beer, Uncle Henry
Elston Bell, Munchkin Fiddler & Company
Emma Blatchley, Beautician & Company
Madison Brown, Munchkin Tough Guy & Company
Jenna Burgess, Mayor of Munchkinland & Company
Eric Burns-White, Polisher & Company
Helen Campbell, Glinda
Raquel Carlton, Tree Three & Company
Alli Caravella, Professor Chester Marvel / Person behind the curtain
Grace Cawley, Almira Gulch / Wicked Witch of the West
James Cook, The Great & Powerful Wizard of Oz
Robbie Enos, Crow & Company
Anya Found, Beautician & Company
Maria Found, Beautician & Company
Najee Francis, Polisher & Company
Tasha Getten, Muchkin Tot & Company
Leana Giron, Dorothy
Jenna Golden, Munchkin Tough Guy & Company
Pichittra Han-Iang, Manicurist & Company
Lauren Hunter, Beautician & Company
Rei Kurisaka, Munchkin Tot & Company
Melissa Lawlor, Munchkin Teacher & Company
Lucy Liataud , Manicurist & Company
Steve Liu, Crow & Company
Pete Moses, Tree One & Company
Cara Paganelli, Munchkin Tough Guy & Company
Symphany Rochford, Munchkin Teacher & Company
Maisie Ross, Zeke / Lion
Molly Russell, Munchkin City Father & Company
Milana Savia, Munchkin Coroner & Company
Sam Scott, Nikko the Bad Monkey
Bryce Shipman, Hunk / Scarecrow
Andrea Smith, Tree Two & Company
Jen Smith, Manicurist & Company
Jordan St. Peter, Munchkin City Father & Company
John Sweeney, Munchkin Braggart & Company
Elizabeth Waaks, Munchkin Tot & Company
Isaac Weiss-Meyer, Emerald City Guard & Company
Savannah Whitaker, Crow & Company
Julia Wright, Munchkin Barrister & Company
Lily Wang, Manicurist & Company
Justin Zhang, Hickory / Tin Man

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