Student Life


PEEPS: Peer. Empower. Empathize. Promote Meaningful Connections. Support.

Once selected into this student leadership group, students complete nearly a year of weekly training with a school counselor before they can officially be a PEEP. Training includes skills such as active listening, conflict resolution, emotional literacy training as well as increased awareness in identifying others who may be suffering from anxiety, depression, or homesickness.

In its essence a PEEPS is a peer counselor but they are also a peer mentor, mediator, educator, and coach. As a group the PEEPS strive to impact the culture of the school to help ensure a community that is accepting, caring, compassionate, tolerant, and accepting of others. Additionally PEEPS strive to target and address any school wide trends of issues that may arise that are social or emotional in nature such as bullying, body image, or stress management.
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