Teachers as Lifelong Learners

The best teachers are those who never stop learning. They take advantage of continuing education and professional development programs. They believe that there is always room for improvement and that no teacher ever gets to the point where he or she knows everything. These are the kinds of teachers you’ll learn from at Brewster. They will instill in you a passion for lifelong learning because it’s something they do every day themselves.

Brewster Summer Institute:
Growing as a teacher at Brewster starts with the Brewster Summer Institute (BSI). Founded in 1993, this four-week teacher training program is designed to ensure that all Brewster teachers have a fundamental understanding of our program and its practices. New teachers work in intensive courses where they learn effective practices and the theories behind them. They then practice designing and delivering these practices as part of BSI.

In-Service Training: In addition to the BSI experience, our teachers participate in regularly scheduled, school-sponsored faculty workshops throughout the year. These in-service workshops allow faculty to stay abreast of the latest proven research in the field of education and to learn how to implement new strategies within the Brewster program.

Continuing Education: Faculty members are supported in their efforts to continue their education at institutions outside of Brewster. Teachers also regularly attend conferences related to their subject matter and then share what they learn with colleagues. Teachers are encouraged and supported in their efforts to pursue graduate studies; in the past seven years, 37 faculty members have been supported with graduate work, completing more than 80 graduate courses.
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