Brewster’s Approach to Learning

Using Best Practices

Brewster’s “best practices” set us apart from most independent secondary schools because we are intentional about their use across all departments, teams, and classrooms. Our best practices include:

Authentic assessment - Through diverse evaluations, we ensure that our curriculum meets real-world expectations.

Collaboration and teams - Our distinctive team-teaching approach is at the core of Brewster’s student-centered environment. Teachers work together in teams (eight teachers for a group of approximately 50 students) to monitor each individual student’s progress. Teachers use a specific meeting process to work together to support students and solve problems.

Cooperative learning - At Brewster, you’ll have the opportunity to demonstrate your individual mastery of a subject and contribute to the learning of others by working with others and leading a group.

Direct/explicit teaching - Good teachers aren’t defined by how long they can lecture in front of a class. Rather, they are the ones interactively involved in their classrooms, modeling their expectations to students and guiding them so they can achieve their academic goals.

Peer mediation - At Brewster, you not only learn from your teachers. You will also learn from your classmates. Through peer tutoring, a specific process that teaches students how to help each other, you will have another way to learn what you need to know.

Project-Based Learning - It's not just about what you know. What is really important is whether you can use what you know to apply information, solve problems, think critically, and create new ideas. That is why each of your courses will ask you to complete projects that are designed to help you practice these essential abilities.

Mastery learning - Imagine a curriculum that is designed to meet your learning needs, your individual grasp of various subjects, and your progress. Our mastery approach is all about helping you meet with success, while still being appropriately challenged.

Curriculum-based measurement -
To ensure that you progress in your learning, we monitor your performance frequently throughout the school year and give you frequent feedback, not just on big assessments.

Cognitive strategy learning - You’ll learn to recognize the most important elements in learning tasks, how to monitor your own performance in learning those tasks, and strategies for really learning what you need to learn.

Information technology - Brewster has been integrating technology in their classes for close to 20 years. The use of technology becomes second nature to our students because they use it all the time in all their classes.

Reward and reinforcement - Everyone likes to be appreciated for their accomplishments, and at Brewster we do this through our recognition program, honoring students for their contributions to the community and their personal growth as students and citizens of the world.

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