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Ordering Course Books  

Brewster Academy partners with Classbook.com to allow families to purchase books online and have them shipped directly to Brewster for pickup during registration.

Classbook.com "opens" for Brewster parents around August 1. Parents will be sent an e-mail directing them to the Portal to review student courses and the attendant books needed for those courses. Please note that some Brewster courses do not require the purchase of a book, in which case there are no books listed for that course.

Once course lists have been released, you can get started:
Login to the Brewster Parent Portal and enter your Parent ID and password.

If you do not have your Parent ID and password, please contact ​Stacie Pope via e-mail or at 603.569.7000.

On your parent page, click on Book Ordering Information (in the list below Academics).

The next page, titled Book Ordering Information, lists the courses your student is scheduled to take. This is what you need to know to order textbooks at Classbook.com

Open a new window in your browser and go to: http://www.classbook.com/bwstr.asp

You are now ready to order books. Follow the steps below at http://www.Classbook.com/bwstr.asp

Enter Student First Name and Student Last Name and click Add.

Next, Select School, Department, and Course to begin shopping for books.

At the Check Out page, all students must set up an account. The e-mail address does not have to be a Brewster e-mail. Returning students who do not know their password, must set up a new account.
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