Investing in the Future

Supporting Financial Aid and Endowed Scholarships at Brewster

Each year, Brewster is proud to award financial aid to over 30 percent of the student body - helping to ensure the Academy is a diverse community with students from different cultural, socioeconomic, religious, and geographic backgrounds.
By contributing to financial aid at Brewster - through your gift to The Fund for Brewster, direct support of the Academy's existing endowed scholarships, or by establishing a new scholarship - you can be a part of making it possible for generations of students to benefit from the full Brewster experience.

Impact Scholarships

For Current Use

Impact Scholarships are gifts to the Academy that are not invested with Brewster's endowment. This type of scholarship offers the most immediate form of financial aid; the entire amount of the gift is used to fund the award to a deserving student or students. Impact scholarship donors who contribute at least $5,000 or more may name the scholarship they create. The Impact scholarship may be renewed annually with additional gifts.

Each year, Brewster is proud to award financial aid to over 30 percent of the student body - helping to ensure the Academy is a diverse community with students from different cultural, socioeconomic, religious, and geographic backgrounds. Your gift strengthens Brewster’s ability to make a difference for students.


Ballentine Family Scholarship

The Ballentine Family Scholarship was established in 2016 by Sandy and Roy Ballentine with a four-year commitment. The Ballentines reside in Wolfeboro and their children, Susan and Brian, graduated in the classes of 1994 and 1997.Read More

Trey Whitfield Memorial Scholarship

Trey Whitfield was a member of the class of 1989. Tragically, Trey lost his life just weeks away from graduation. Trey's parents, AB Whitfield and Janie Whitney, established the Trey Whitfield Foundation in honor and memory of Trey.
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Endowed Scholarships

Funded in Perpetuity

Endowed scholarships are invested with the Academy's endowment so that they will continue to grow over time and support generations of students. They provide important financial aid for deserving students while also honoring the memory and commitment of specific individuals, families, faculty and staff who have strong connections to Brewster. By joining in this tradition of giving, you can help make the Brewster experience attainable for qualified students. Permanently named endowed scholarships may be established with gifts of $25,000 or more. 

Adelaide Robinson Hughes Memorial Scholarship

Initiated by the late Adelaide Robinson Hughes '26 and her class in 1976 in honor of their 50th Reunion.Read More

Ballard and Dalton Memorial Scholarship

Established by family and friends in 1989 in memory of classmates and friends Todd Ballard '88 and Chad Dalton '88.Read More

Burt Vaughan Memorial Scholarship

Initiated in 1999 by the family, friends, and former students of Mr. Burtis F. Vaughan Jr. to honor the memory of this beloved principal, teacher, and coach at the Academy.Read More

C. Richard and Deborah W. Carlson Scholarship Fund for Student-Athletes

C. Richard "Dick" Carlson and his wife Deborah established this endowed scholarship in 2014.Read More

Catherine Lord Memorial Scholarship

Initiated in 1980 by the family and friends of Catherine Lord '31, this scholarship is awarded to a returning student residing in Wolfeboro or Tuftonboro, New Hampshire.Read More

The Class of 2014 Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2014 as a senior class gift from the Class of 2014 and their families, to support financial aid for deserving students at Brewster Academy in perpetuity.
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Curvey Scholar Program

James C. Curvey and his wife Shirley established this scholarship program in 2008-2009 to provide scholarships to three local students each year. Read More

Eliza W. Hanson Memorial Scholarship

An 1890 graduate of Brewster Academy, Eliza W. Hanson left legacies to many organizations for the good of young people.Read More

Erick K. Faul Scholarship

Erick Faul graduated from Brewster Academy in 1996 with an education that has helped him throughout his life, in both good and challenging times.Read More

Esther Lord Page Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1973 by Dr. Lincoln R. Page, the husband of Esther B. Lord '24, this scholarship was endowed in 2011 with a bequest from their son Milton Lord Page, honoring the importance of the school to Esther and their family.Read More

Eva J. Stokes Scholarship

The Eva J. Stokes Scholarship Fund was established from a gift received by the Academy in 1970. The purpose of the scholarship is to generate funds to support the financial needs of a deserving Brewster student each year.Read More

Forrest L. Marsh Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1994 by a bequest from the late Anna Katherine Marsh, in memory of her husband Forrest "Guppy" Marsh '26. Read More

Frank Rowe Kenison Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1981 by friends and family of the late Frank Rowe Kenison '25 who served as a chief justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court from 1952 - 1977.Read More

Harvey Baird Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1945 by the bequest of Susan A. Thompson Whidden, of Westbrook, Maine in memory of her son Harvey Baird.Read More

Hayes Family Scholarship

Brad and Ellen Hayes became part of the Brewster family when their oldest child entered as a freshman in 1975. Since then, their four children and four grandchildren have learned, played, and grown up on Brewster's campus.Read More

Henry F. Hurlburt Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1965 by the bequest of Henry F. Hurlburt of Tuftonboro, New Hampshire. A Brewster trustee from 1966 - 1968, Hurlburt believed deeply in giving back to his community.Read More

J.M. Haley Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1924 by the bequest of J. Mackenzie Haley of Tuftonboro, New Hampshire.Read More

J.M. Tibbetts Memorial Scholarship

An 1892 graduate of the Academy, Justin M. Tibbetts was a trustee and a leader in the Brewster community from 1928 - 1965.Read More

John C. Naramore Memorial Scholarship

John Naramore was an active member of the Wolfeboro community for 35 years. When John became a Brewster trustee in 2003, he was eager to share his passion for education and apply his wisdom from his many successful life experiences.
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Mudge Family Scholarship

Dan and Kathy Mudge have had a long and meaningful involvement with the Academy as parents, Parents' Committee members, and members of the board of trustees dating back to 1996.Read More

The Peter and Lani Ford Scholarship

The Peter and Lani Ford Scholarship represents the appreciation that Peter and his family feel for Brewster. Peter graduated from Brewster in 1980. He owes his success to what he gained and learned during his years as a student.Read More

Sarah Lord Lamb Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1983 with a bequest from Sarah Lord Lamb '27 and her late husband, former trustee W. Herbert Lamb, this scholarship is awarded annual to a Brewster student from Tuftonboro or Wolfeboro.Read More

The Simon Family Scholarship

The Simon Family Scholarship was established at Brewster in 2014 by Katherine and Kurt Simon.Read More

The Siemon Family Scholarship

Established in 1993 by Beverly Siemon and the late Carl Siemon, the Siemon Family Scholarship is awarded to a deserving and capable Brewster student and is made in recognition and appreciation of a Brewster faculty or staff member's dedication to the Brewster community.Read More

Smith Faculty and Staff Scholarship

Established by the Alumni and Development Office in 2003, this scholarship was created to celebrate David M. Smith (Headmaster 1974 - 2002) and Sheila H. Smith (Associate Director of Admission 1985 - 2002) for their time at Brewster and to help offset the expenses for the children of faculty and staff members to attend the Academy.Read More

The Stine Family Scholarship

This fund was established in 2013 by Kathy and Craig Stine (Jack '13), in honor of dedicated faculty members Peter Hess and Peter Mann and in recognition of their son's Brewster experience.Read More

Thomas A. Kelley Jr. Memorial Scholarship

This fund was established in 2003 by David M. Kelley '66 and James H. Kelley '68 in memory of their brother Thomas Jr. '67.Read More

Thomas A. Palazzo Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2002, this scholarship was created by Robert D. Palazzo '74 and the Palazzo family in memory of Tommy Palazzo '75, who was killed in the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11.Read More

Travis K. Anderson Scholarship

Travis Anderson is a Brewster alumni parent whose hard work and interest in education resulted in the establishment of this endowed scholarship fund in 2003.Read More

The Walter P. Hertz Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Walter's children, friends, and Brewster Alumni. "Toots", as he was fondly known, taught French and Economics at Brewster from 1973-1989; he also coached Fencing!Read More
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