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BA International

Transforming Education on a Global Scale

In 2020 a dedicated team began developing a vision to expand the reach of the Brewster Model on a global scale, laying the foundations for Brewster Academy International.

The mission of Brewster Academy International (BAI) is to build a network of global campuses in which Brewster’s unique and powerful approach to education, The Brewster Model, is taught. Once this network is established, Brewster students will have the opportunity to have a truly portable global education.

This ambitious initiative is stewarded under the leadership of former Head of School Craig Gemmell, who now serves as the President of Brewster and BA International and is incredibly well suited to ensure that Brewster’s student centered approach is at the heart of each network school. September of 2023 represents a significant step forward with the opening of our first BAI network school located in Madrid, Spain where Craig will serve as Head of School. Visit the Brewster Madrid website to learn more at

As this vision is realized, BAI network schools will:

  • Expand the visibility, influence, and impact of the Brewster Model and Mission
  • Improve access to and increase the number of students served by the Brewster Model and Mission
  • Deliver an approach to learning that impacts students, communities, and education on a global scale
  • Establish a growing network of schools that mutually benefit from cross site sharing of best practice, innovations, and opportunities
  • Distinguish Brewster Academy as an institution providing its students and faculty with groundbreaking global experiences that enhance and expand existing global programs

The founding Brewster Madrid team (from left): Deputy Head of School Bret Barnett, Founding Head of School Ariane Baer-Harper, President of BA International Craig Gemmell, and Deputy Head of School Jonathan Fouser.


Contact Information

Craig Gemmell
President of Brewster Academy and BA International, Head of School Brewster Madrid