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Brewster Online FAQs

We've created a list of frequently asked questions to help students as they navigate to Brewster Online. If you or your student have additional questions, Brewster advisors stand ready to help! 



Brewster Online Schedule

Students will be participating in Brewster Online from many locations across the United States and around the world. The schedule has been established with that in mind, accommodating the various time zones in which our students will be studying. Courses will be delivered asynchronously, so that students can participate in their core classwork at times that work for them. Each block will meet for a touchstone session twice each week. All students are required to attend at least one touchstone lesson, and encouraged to attend both. Advisors will communicate meeting times to the students in their advisory group; times will be based upon the locations of the students within the group. 

Contact Information

Raylene Davis 
Assistant Head of School, Academic Program
Phone: 603-569-7205

Jonathan Fouser
Director of Summer and Global Programs
Phone: 603-569-7149

Matt Butcher
Academic Dean, Lower School Dean
Phone: 603-569-7117

Kim Yau
Upper School Dean
Phone: 603-569-7111

Technology Help Desk
Phone: 603-569-7000


Brewster Online Overview: Matt Butcher, March 26, 2020