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Interim Studies


Interim Studies provides students opportunities to be critical and flexible thinkers, to problem solve independently in the context of active and authentic learning environments, and tackle real world situations by pushing their boundaries beyond a traditional classroom. Students get to choose how they will spend this project period at the end of the winter trimester. They select from a variety of faculty-led options that include off-campus travel within the United States and on-campus programs with some unexpected creative concentrations. Students can also pursue their passions in traditional internships or independent projects.

Programs range in size from small groups to individual projects depending on the student's interest. During Interim Studies, students learn real skills, push the confines of conventional learning, and find themselves doing things they never thought possible!

Interim Studies offerings include a range of no cost, low cost, and some higher-cost options. Brewster works with third-party vendors to keep the added costs as low as possible, and the school makes financial aid available for students who complete the application process and meet the criteria for need.

See the 2023 Interim Studies Viewbook here.

Interim Studies



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