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Interim Studies 2020

Interim Studies will take place between February 26 and March 5. This is a period of the school year where students select an experiential learning opportunity to immerse themselves in over a nine-day period.

Students will be able to choose to participate in either: The Freshman Experience (Cadiz, Spain), an independent project, an internship, or a faculty-led experience.

There will be a variety of experiences to choose from including service learning, domestic travel, and on-campus options. There will be costs associated with some Interim Studies programs and also options with no cost. There will be limited financial aid available for those who request consideration.

We hope to offer every student one of their top three choices. Experiences with limited space will be filled by class seniority first and then a random lottery if needed.

Please direct questions about Interim Studies to Sarah Hunt at and questions about the Freshman Experience in Cadiz to Ricardo Carreno at

We look forward to sharing the viewbook with choice offerings during Fall Family Weekend!