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Academic Day Schedule

Every week is different! The schedule typically alternates between A and B weeks and sometimes we will have a special schedule depending on events happening on campus. See examples of A and B week schedules below.

  • A Week Schedule – includes a half day schedule every other Saturday.
  • B Week Schedule – no Saturday classes.
  • Faculty Team Meetings – When your teachers, advisor, and dorm parent meet to see what’s going on in their team of students world! Gives you a sleep in or longer breakfast in the Estabrook.
  • SEL – Call it your life skills class; from building positive relationships to become the most self-aware person you know! These social and emotional learning classes help you be the best person you can be.
  • Team with Students – Time with your friends and faculty for announcements, to celebrate achievement, to make plans for weekends, service and more.
  • Morning Meeting and All-School – When our whole community gathers for celebrations, guest speakers, awards, and special events.
  • Advisory – Advisors and their advisees meet to review weekly goals, get good advice and check in.
  • Team Study – 25 minutes at the end of most days where faculty are available in their classrooms for help.