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Recognition Program

You will have a lot to live up to at Brewster. We set the bar very high and expect you to continuously challenge yourself. Our recognition system ensures you do by recognizing and rewarding your efforts and growth in the areas of respect, integrity, and service as they pertain to academics, athletics, and community life.

We recognize two distinct levels of recognition – Citizenship Status and the John Brewster Scholar Status – based on your individual achievement. We’ve designed the system on the concept of equal access to recognition and reward that makes the highest achievement possible for every student.

Students do not compete for these honors; rather, they earn them. Everyone is eligible, and students encourage one another, to earn these distinctions. We determine the criteria for progress based on our student performance evaluations, which teachers, coaches, and community life parents complete six times a year. This means that if you don’t happen to earn status in one recognition period, you have plenty of opportunities to improve and grow.

You will know how you are doing because your teachers will give you regular feedback about the recognition items. You also will complete a self-evaluation using each of the evaluation items to establish a comparison with the instructor’s evaluations. This provides a means continuous dialogue about self-awareness and your progress in each area of your life at Brewster.