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I-20 Requirements

Brewster will issue I-20 paperwork for International students to study in the USA once they are enrolled with a submitted contract and deposit. The I-20 is required to obtain a visa in certain countries for non-US citizens and is needed to travel back and forth from the USA during the school year. SEVIS, the issuing authority, requires that Brewster collect documentation that supports the legal parameters for studying in the United States on an F-1 visa.
Brewster requires the following documentation (downloaded forms submitted with original signatures) in order to issue or transfer an I-20:
1. Copy of student passport
2. Electronic access to I-94 forms *Note - Brewster will fill in the student SEVIS number on this form upon arrival to school. Download Form
3. A letter stating that the student's financially responsible party has the financial means to support education at Brewster Academy.
4. Financial documentation supporting the above mentioned letter to include one of the following:
 - Bank account statement(s) for the financially responsible party that indicate three months of income (In English)
 - Documentation from a sponsor (in English)
 - Financial aid letters (in English)
 - Scholarship letters (in English)
For more information about proof of financial support, please visit this link
5. Transfers from another school. If your son or daughter is currently at another school in the US, their I-20 will be transferred to Brewster upon completion of the academic year at their current school. Download Transfer Form
To send all original documents by mail to:
Brewster Academy
Attn: Susan Crowley
80 Academy Drive
Wolfeboro, NH 03894
Please contact Susan Crowley, PDSO with any questions at or 603-569-7102
Other contacts:
Chris Brown, DSO - Summer Programs - 603-569-7155
Mary Roetger, DSO - Office of Admissions - 603-569-7455