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James C. Curvey

James C. Curvey is a vice chairman of the Board of Directors of FMR LLC., the holding company for the businesses of Fidelity Investments. Mr. Curvey also serves as chairman of the Board of Trustees of Fidelity’s Equity and High Income Funds. He retired from day-to-day work at Fidelity Investments in December 2002, after a 20-year career in which he served in a number of roles, including president and chief operating officer.

Mr. Curvey joined Brewster Academy’s Board of Trustees in 2014.

The Curvey family, including James C. Curvey and Shirley M. Curvey, has long supported education through the creation of scholarships. In 1999 the family established a scholarship program at Mr. Curvey’s alma mater, Villanova University, which provides financial assistance to students from his hometown of Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania, to attend the university.

As summer residents of the Lakes Region for nearly 30 years, the Curvey family is committed to their community and to enhancing the first-rate education students receive at Brewster Academy. To demonstrate that commitment, the Curvey Scholar Program was launched at Brewster Academy in 2009 to provide deserving students from Alton, Wolfeboro, and other surrounding communities with educational opportunities at Brewster Academy that they otherwise would be unable to afford.

In 2017 the Curvey family generously funded an expansion to the Academy’s Curvey Scholar Program with the Curvey Fellowships Program. Modeled after the Curvey Fellowships at Villanova University, the Curvey Fellowships at Brewster will help students gain valuable life experience through travel experiences and perspectives that Mr. Curvey firmly believes are at least as valuable as the education they receive through more formal academic pathways.