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Alumna/us Athlete of the Month: Kaylee Dufresne ‘16
Brewster Athletics

Prince Edward Island Hockey

For January our Alum of the Month transitions from the basketball hardwood to the ice as Bobcat Nation pays tribute to it’s deep hockey tradition by recognizing current University of Prince Edward Island standout, Kaylee Dufresne ‘16.  Dufresne, an Orleans, Ontario native, was a standout for Brewster’s girls program during her two years in Wolfeboro. In short time, Kaylee made her named known throughout the Lakes Region League as a goal scoring forward for the Bobcats. However, it should be noted that Dufresne was a standout three-sport athlete during her two years and earned All-Lakes Region League honors in all three sports (soccer, hockey, and softball). During her senior year, Dufresne was an integral member of a very strong girls' varsity soccer team that won the NEPSAC Class C Championship and Dufresne scored the lone goal in that title game.  

“With her toughness, speed, and finishing ability Kaylee played a big role in our program during her two years ” noted long-time Bobcat head coach, Matt Butcher. “In the playoffs in her senior year she played at her best, scoring two goals in the quarterfinals and then scored the game winning goal in the championship game. Kaylee was a winner and never afraid of the big moment!”

Although a talented forward in soccer and one of the best outfielders in the league in softball, Dufresne’s passion was on the ice and with a stick in her hand. She captained our varsity hockey team in her senior year and had plenty of opportunities to play at the next level. Kaylee chose to return to Canada for college and attend the University of Prince Edward Island where she has been a mainstay for veteran head coach Bruce Donaldson.  

“Kaylee has an incredible work ethic and just loves to compete,” notes Donaldson. “It seems she will do anything for our team and plays so hard all the time; however, more importantly she is a great teammate and respected by all in our program and on our campus; we are fortunate to have her on our side!”

Honored to be named our Alum of the Month for January, Dufresne gladly had time to connect with Bobcat Nation to fill us in on her life at Brewster and beyond.

Bobcat Nation: How did Brewster prepare you for the rigors of life after high school?

Dufresne: Brewster will always be a special place to me as it changed my life; it was just so much different than my other high school. The lessons I learned and the memories I will always cherish. Brewster and it’s teachers and coaches instilled a confidence in me that has allowed me achieve success in college and I owe that all to those “Brewster people”!

Bobcat Nation: What was your fondest memories of being a student-athlete at Brewster?

Dufresne: This one is easy; being a three-sport athlete and getting to know people on campus through athletics. It is just so important to do as much as you can during your high school years. And the one thing that really stuck out was winning the NEPSAC Championship during my senior year; that team was special and we really came together as the season progressed.

Bobcat Nation: Who were the teachers or coaches that had the biggest impact on you while at Brewster?

Dufresne: My hockey coaches had a huge impact on me. During my time, I played for two different head coaches and they were both great. Coach Dosdall was the head coach my junior year and I really looked up to her because she taught me so much about the game and the importance of being a great teammate. My senior year, coach Fernandez took over and she had a huge impact on my life as well teaching me about the fine details of the game. We grew such a great relationship and are still in contact today. Outside of athletics, it was the Found family. Mr. and Mrs. Found were always there for me during my two years and helped me through the good time and the tough ones. I will forever be thankful for all they provided for me!

Bobcat Nation:  What has been your greatest accomplishment since leaving Brewster?

Dufresne: I am most proud of being able to continue my career as a student-athlete. I find it is very challenging to be part of a very competitive hockey program here at UPEI and dealing with the pressures of maintaining strong grades. There is a lot of time management with balancing the role of a student-athlete but it has shaped me into the person I am today and I would not trade that for anything in the world.

Bobcat Nation: Greatest moments while playing in college?

Dufresne: I think my greatest moment has yet to come. This winter we are hosting the National Championships for our division and it is my hope I can play well on such a big stage; we will have to wait and see!

Bobcat Nation: What are you looking forward to in the second half of this season?

Dufresne: We have gone through a big change in our roster for this year so I am looking forward to seeing what this team can do together. We have played well in the first two months but we need to stick together if we want a shot at making a run in the National Tournament!

Bobcat Nation: Advice to current Brewster students?

Dufresne: Just take it all in because before you know it you will graduate. Listen to those great teachers because they are always right! And be sure to get involved with as many sports and activities you possible can because that is how you take advantage of a Brewster education and those are the memories you will take with you!