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Amy Livermore '15
Wheaton College - Women's Lacrosse

Although the northeast has had its weather challenges throughout the spring, Brewster Alumna of the Class of 2015, Amy Livermore, along with her Women’s Lacrosse team at Wheaton College in Norton, Mass., has continued to weather the storm and persevere. Livermore, a psychology major from Wilbraham, Mass., has been a consistent contributor to the success of the women’s lacrosse program during her tenure at Wheaton. She has played all four years for the Lyons and has some impressive statistics from her midfield position. Her freshman year in 2016 she played in all 18 games, recorded two goals and recovered 20 ground balls. In her sophomore year she again played in all 18 games, had a total of three points, had 19 draw controls and recovered 10 ground balls. Her junior year she played in 11 games and recorded three points. Currently, in her senior season, Amy has played in all 12 games, recovered 17 ground balls and had six draw controls. 

During her Brewster days, Livermore was a three-sport varsity athlete when she arrived to campus for her sophomore year, participating in field hockey, ice hockey, and lacrosse. She served as a captain all three seasons in her respective sports in her senior year. She also received the Coaches Award in Field Hockey and Lacrosse, was a Lakes Region All-Star in Lacrosse, and was the recipient of the Athletic Director’s Prize in her senior year. She also helped the Girl’s Lacrosse team to win a Lakes Region Championship in 2013. 

Head Lacrosse Coach Melissa Lawlor has fond memories of Livermore from her playing days and the impact she had on the program. “Amy was a hard-nosed, reliable player who we could always count on for a defensive stop,” recalls Lawlor. “She was a strong leader and I appreciated her commitment to the team and her sense of humor. It’s been awesome to watch her grow as a player in her collegiate career.”

We recently spoke to Livermore about her experiences as a student-athlete: 

Bobcat Nation: How did Brewster Academy prepare you for the rigors of life after high school?

Livermore: Brewster is an environment that holds high expectations in the classroom and on the sports field, but also for members of the community to be engaged and develop peer relationships to ensure that everyone has the knowledge and support to reach their fullest potential. This environment forced me to focus on myself as a whole person rather than a student-athlete, which has helped me immensely in my time since Brewster. 

Bobcat Nation: What were your fondest memories of being at Brewster? 

Livermore: My fondest memories of being a student at Brewster are the countless days spent on the turf relaxing to music and enjoying the company of friends while overlooking Lake Winni. When I think about my experience as an athlete, there are several championships and overtime wins that are very memorable, but I still hold all the bus rides and hotel overnights to be the most memorable time I spent with my teammates and coaches. 

Bobcat Nation: Can you comment on some teachers or coaches who had an impact on you while you were at Brewster?

Livermore: It’s extremely hard to comment on only a few of my teachers or coaches at Brewster, because so many people had an impact on my Brewster experience and the person I am today. My dorm parents, Lauren Hunter and Emilie Griffin, taught me to accept and love myself as is and how to influence others do the same. On the other hand, I had mentors like Matt Found and Jonathan Fouser who focused more on my academic and athletic abilities, which in turn pushed me to be the highest performing student-athlete I could be. This array of mentors allowed me to excel to my fullest potential in all areas of life, both during and after my time at Brewster. 

Bobcat Nation: What has been your greatest accomplishment since you have left Brewster? 

Livermore: Hopefully I don’t jinx it, but I would say my greatest accomplishment since Brewster is graduating from Wheaton. Over the past four years, I have faced many difficulties with my mental and physical health, thus obtaining my degree is something I take great pride in.

Bobcat Nation: What has been your greatest moment while playing in college?

Livermore: My fondest moments from my college career was when teams and communities came together to play for something bigger than themselves. These dedication games remind me that everyone plays for a specific person or purpose and that we all have the power to create hope and change when we lean into these support systems.

Bobcat Nation: What are you looking forward to this season?

Livermore: As a senior, I’m excited to mentor the underclassmen and positively influence the program as much as possible before my time is over.

Bobcat Nation: What is your advice to current Brewster students?

Livermore: Don’t take a second for granted at Brewster; it is the most amazing place in the world. Always go outside your comfort zone and try things you never thought possible because you’re going to look back and be so happy you did. 

Bobcat Nation: What are your plans after college?

Livermore: At Wheaton, I am a psychology major and education minor. After graduation, I hope to work as an applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapist for a few years then go to graduate school for elementary education.

Congratulations, Amy Livermore, for being Brewster’s Alumna of the Month for May 2019!