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Alumna/us Athlete of the Month - Teagan Meehan '16
Brewster Athletics

As the fall comes to a close, we would like to recognize Teagan Meehan of Hobart College in Geneva, N.Y. Meehan, a Mirror Lake, N.H. resident and a Brewster lifer, is the first golfer to be recognized with Alum of the Month honors. Teagan is in his senior year with the Statesmen and is finishing up his fall season this month and will train through the winter to prepare for this spring, his last on the links at Hobart. Meehan has put together a nice collegiate career as he was the recipient of the O’Connor Award as a sophomore, which is given to the Hobart golfer who experiences significant improvement and untiring perseverance in the sport of golf. Last year he won the Beretta Memorial Award, which is given to the Hobart golfer who demonstrates fair play and leadership in the golf program.

Meehan was a three-sport athlete during his Brewster days and collected 11 varsity letters playing golf, hockey, and baseball for Bobcat Nation. Additionally, he led the Golf team to three straight MAISAD League titles (2013, 2014, 2015) and was captain of the team in his senior year. On his graduation day, Teagan was awarded the Athletic Director’s Prize, which is given to the graduate who makes positive and consistent contributions in the interscholastic program.

“Teagan was a talented player and just a great young man to coach,” notes veteran head golf coach, Byron Martin. “His leadership and play were critical through some of our program’s finest moments!”

Teagan is in the final stages of his fall season, but he did have time to connect with Bobcat Nation and reflect on his career as a student-athlete.

Bobcat Nation: How did Brewster prepare you for the rigors of life after high school?

Meehan: In college the workload increases, but I have the advantage of having been at Brewster for years, so I felt prepared to handle that load. The most important thing I took from Brewster was time management. Having more free time in college I have been able to maintain a schedule that allows me to complete my work and compete in golf.

Bobcat Nation: What are your best memories from being a student-athlete at Brewster?

Meehan: One of my favorite memories from playing at Brewster was the camaraderie of my teams. Being a three-sport athlete allowed me to meet different people and make bonds that were just incredible. However, my best memory was in my senior year when the whole school traveled to TD Garden in Boston to watch the Prep basketball team play. The school spirit and the community that night were special. Brewster is a special place due to that sense of community and the faculty engagement, and I am grateful for that experience.

Bobcat Nation: Who were the teachers and coaches who had the greatest impact on you while at Brewster?

Meehan:  Almost every teacher I had impacted my growth as an athlete and person. I had faculty challenge me in the classroom, and the coaches at Brewster were so dynamic in all three sports. The faculty member who had the greatest impact on me was Mr. Kiley. He spent a few years as an assistant coach in golf and always found ways to make practice fun. I also had him as a history teacher in my sophomore year and he brought a positive attitude in class and he could engage a classroom. Most teachers at Brewster could do that as well, but Mr. Kiley took it to the next level!

Bobcat Nation:  What has been your greatest accomplishment since leaving Brewster?

Meehan:  I would have to say winning the Beretta Memorial Award last spring was special because it is more than an athletic award and it translates to me as a person.  That’s important because my athletic career will be over soon but the “real world” awaits.

Bobcat Nation: Greatest moments playing for Hobart?

Meehan: My best moment was finishing in the top five of our league tournament last fall.  That event was a learning experience for me because I had to battle back on the second day and it was a competitive field. That event taught me the importance of consistency and following through with everything—and it taught me not only about golf but life as well.

Bobcat Nation: What are you looking forward to this season?

Meehan:  I am really looking forward to the Liberty League Championships in May. We will be very competitive in the spring and we have a mature team with enormous potential. Our goal is to perform well and bring a league championship to Hobart which would be the first in program history!

Bobcat Nation: Advice to current Brewster students?

Meehan: As cliche as it sounds just enjoy moment! Time will fly at Brewster and in college as well. I wish I could go back at times. Some of my closest friends from Brewster are still in my life today!

Bobcat Nation: Major and plans after college?

Meehan: I am majoring in Economics with a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies.  Currently, I am looking for a job in finance in the Northeast. I am excited to start a new chapter in my life and hope to live in an area close to home and Brewster, as that is where I matured as a person and that is important to me.