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Alumna/us Athlete of the Month - Marina Jozokos '16
Brewster Athletics
Marina Jozokos ’16 - Florida Southern College Lacrosse

She is arguably one of the best three-sport athletes to suit up for Brewster over the past decade, and has put together an incredible college career. Marina Jozokos, a Wolfeboro native, was a three-sport standout for Bobcat Nation starring in field hockey, ice hockey, and lacrosse from the fall of 2012 through the spring of 2016. In that time span, Jozokos earned 12 varsity letters and was named a Lakes Region League All-Star in all three sports both as a junior and a senior. She was heavily recruited as both a field hockey and lacrosse player, and decided to play both at Division II Limestone College in South Carolina. Despite great success at Limestone, Jozokos transferred to Florida Southern College (Lakeland, Fla.) and over the past three years has put her focus on lacrosse.

And the success has continued for Jozokos at Florida Southern. She was named All-Conference as a sophomore and junior and was on the brink of another successful year this past spring until the NCAA cancelled all spring intercollegiate athletics. However, through mid-March Jozokos had the Mocs rolling as they were 6-3—she scored 16 goals and handed out eight assists. At this point, Jozokos is considering returning to Florida Southern next year to finish her senior season and work toward her MBA as the NCAA has granted her another year of eligibility.

Many Bobcat Nation supporters are not surprised to hear of Jozokos’ success at the next level,  including her former lacrosse coach, Melissa Lawlor. “Marina is so incredibly talented and driven. I’m not surprised to see her have the success she has had in college,” notes Lawlor. “She was simply dominant for our program and had a great feel for the game. I felt so bad for her when the season was suspended because she has put so much into the sport over the years.”

With a little more time on her hands, Jozokos was able to connect to Bobcat Nation and reflect on her days at Brewster.

Bobcat Nation: How did Brewster prepare you for the rigors of college life?

Jozokos: Having been a boarding student at Brewster I learned to live away from home at a young age—and I learned time management skills and the importance of structure. By being a three-sport athlete at Brewster, I was always planning and preparing ways to complete work while having a busy athletic schedule. I was able to carry that skill with me to college and have been thankful for that experience.

Bobcat Nation: What are your best memories of being a student-athlete at Brewster?

Jozokos: I would have to say either my freshman year of ice hockey or my senior year of field hockey. My freshmen year hockey team won the Lakes Region League in hockey and was one of the best teams I have ever played on in any sport. In my senior year in field hockey, we won the Lakes Region (for the second straight year) as well and advanced to the NEPSAC Semifinals, which was a blast.


Bobcat Nation: Who were the teachers that had the greatest impact on you during your Brewster days?

Jozokos: Mrs. Lawlor and Mrs. Yau were the two people who had the greatest influence on me while at Brewster. Both were my coaches for all four years and they just helped me become a better person, not just on the field but off as well. Each gave me skills back then that I find myself still using today.

Bobcat Nation: What has been your greatest accomplishment since leaving Brewster?

Jozokos: I would say having a successful career here at Florida Southern. I am proud to say that I have been named all-conference all three seasons of lacrosse and earned that recognition as well in my freshman year at Limestone playing field hockey.

Bobcat Nation: Advice to current Brewster students?

Jozokos: Just to take it all in and enjoy the time there. Being at Brewster will be some of your best days, so take advantage of it!

Bobcat Nation: What’s your major, and what are your plans for next year?

Jozokos: I am still unsure of my next move. I have a job offer in Boston working for McAdam Financial Services and I just started my MBA last fall here at Florida Southern. I may move to Boston to start that job or return to Florida Southern and play my final year of eligibility and finish the MBA program.


Photo Credits: FSC Athletics