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Bobcats of the Week

Colin O’Connor ’23 - Boys' JV A Basketball

Enthusiastic. Gracious teammate. Positive attitude. Tenacious competitor. Highly skilled. All heart. These are a few telling attributes of this stalwart member of the Boys’ JV A basketball team, who defines the ethos of a Brewster athlete. Above all else, Colin O’Connor plays because he loves the sport and he loves his teammates. A three-sport athlete, spanning the gamut of JV and Varsity teams in his Brewster career, you can see the incessant and infectious smile brimming on his face, whether at a practice or a game, a tryout or a championship event. In late November, showing marked improvement throughout the contest in his team’s first game versus Cardigan Mountain School, still coming off of a lengthy soccer season, he next WENT OFF on the road versus Kimball Union Academy. Netting 35 of the team’s 79 points in their exceptional victory, one teammate claimed he could have had 50 points. We celebrate Colin O’Connor!

Ella Brekke ’23 - Girls' JV Basketball

Coach Mastrangelo says she is a leader on the court and always elevates the energy of the team’s play with her many steals and quick break away opportunities. If she is not making an assist, she’s ready for the offensive rebound, and scores many of her points off of these put backs. Another multi-sport athlete and veteran of the Girls’ JV Basketball team, Ella Brekke recently concluded her New England Championship Soccer season just days prior. Back to work and on to her next sport, Ella had an incredible performance netting 22 of Brewster’s 56 points in a season-opening win on the road at Proctor Academy (“We don’t mess around,” Coach Gardner said of the 56 point performance.)  This Brewster Bobcat is talented, persistent, coachable, and a tremendous teammate and person. Congrats to Ella Brekke ’23!

Bruce Wang ’26 - Advanced Strength & Fitness

A new student to Brewster this fall, this young Bobcat took on the challenge of being a member of the Advanced Strength & Conditioning class. Beyond his hard work in the gym training for Basketball tryouts, Bruce Wang became an ultimate fan of our fall interscholastic teams, and notably one of the best “line-runners” during soccer games, hustling down any errant shot or pass. He continued to fully commit to his training, doing whatever was asked of him, showing marked improvement on a daily basis. Bruce was also a huge force at the end of the fall in our 12,000 meter erg relay, competing in tandem with the stalwart Brewster Crew program. He exclaimed to Coach Wells at the end of the term that he had lost more than 20 pounds since the start of the school year and had also become much faster, stronger, and more fit. The embodiment of self-improvement along with interdependence within our Brewster Community, Bruce Wang ’26 earns our huge admiration!

Mrs. Maria Found

A very special thank you to this community member for making our teams and programs better with her unwavering support and unconditional love for Brewster Athletics. Speaking in a recent webinar to our prospective families, Mrs. Found offered this about our work at Brewster Academy: “We teach the mind well here at Brewster in the academic realm. We improve our students physically and help their muscles and bodies grow and become more productive in the athletic realm. But, the most important thing we teach and grow is the HEART.”  This Brewster Bobcat is present at every home game on the sideline supporting our athletes, taking photos, cheering for us. She improves the hearts of our teams, coaches, and players by promoting community service opportunities and driving Brewster Athletics’ involvement. This includes teamwork in placing American flags for Veterans Day, volunteering at the Abenaki Ski and Skate Sale at Kingswood High School, facilitating our Girls’ Lacrosse Play 4 Pink game, organizing the Boys’ Lacrosse Nate Billings Classic cancer research Jimmy Fund game, and many other meaningful community endeavors. Brava, Mrs. Maria Found!