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Bobcats of the Week

Owen Arndt ’26 - Boys' Varsity Lacrosse

A sophomore, Owen Arndt ’26 has been a two-year contributor to the Boys’ Varsity Lacrosse program. He is an all-business gritty midfielder who does whatever is asked of him by the coaching staff and his teammates. Calm, disciplined, and fully committed to his craft as a face-off specialist, Owen has improved immensely from his reserve role as a freshman into his more demanding position this year as the Bobcat’s starter at the face-off X. In the team’s spring 2024 home opener versus Austin Prep, he dominated possession for Brewster, winning 12 out of 16 draws—an impressive 75% win rate—many leading to unsettled advantages and fast breaks for Brewster. He always works hard to complete the task at hand, whether a practice session or a team lift, or even the utmost focus in a team meeting. Owen is a responsible and respectful community member who loves his teammates. Cheers to Bobcat of the Week Owen Arndt ’26! 

Emery Condon ’27 - Varsity Crew

This Varsity Crew athlete is a tenacious competitor. She is hungry to improve. She is coachable.  She is a helpful teammate. The coaching staff notes her very bright future in the Brewster program and beyond. She is Emery Condon ’27! Emery competed as the stroke seat in one of Brewster Crew’s Head of the Charles boats in fall 2023, and she was recently a key member on the team’s Texas Spring Training trip in March 2024. She was not only a great teammate, but she has also improved as a rower immensely.  Most notably, Emery is hungry to get better, and always making coachable changes and adjustments to be the best athlete she can possibly be. If there is a long distance cross training run led by the committed coaching staff, you can expect this athlete to be right alongside. Congrats to Bobcat of the Week, Emery Condon ’27!