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Bobcats of the Week

Zak Maxey ’23 - Boys’ Varsity Tennis

This elite member of the Boys’ Varsity Tennis team is not just a great player, he is a phenomenal servant leader. Always putting his teammates first, helping others whenever possible (even outside of tennis), and most recently stepping into a player-coach role when Coach Cushing was away, this Bobcat does it all. Helping organize practice plans, motivate his teammates, and provide useful instruction were just a few of the ways he stepped up big for the tennis program last week. Though he wins his fair share of matches to help the team on the scoreboard, his intangibles as a captain and leader are what makes him a special student-athlete and young man. Outstanding  job, Bobcat of the Week for April 12-19 Zak Maxey ’23!

Charlotte Thompson ’24 - Varsity Softball

Simply said, this young lady has been a standout center fielder for the Varsity Softball team this spring. Though she has never played the sport before, she has earned playing time at a very important position on the field. Recently she made three huge catches that made a difference to end innings and prevent multiple runs versus a strong St. Paul’s team—including an unbelievable over-the-shoulder, Willie Mays-style basket catch! Her coaches note that she has worked incredibly hard at getting better in the field. Even though nervous at times due to her lack of experience, our Bobcat has stepped up big time for the softball squad! Well done, Charlotte Thompson ’24, one of our Bobcats of the Week for April 12-19.

Daniela Barquin ’26 - Girls’ JV Lacrosse

A member of the Girls’ JV Lacrosse team, this Bobcat brings a super-great attitude and 100% effort during all practices and games. Coach Tai Rivellini noted that, though she had never played lacrosse until this season, “she has done a phenomenal job as a midfielder…because she is super fast!” Our Bobcat demonstrates great pressure on defense as a midi as well. She has netted a big goal for the team thus far this season, and is always asking how she can improve. She is super positive, and her love of the game and competition is evident everyday. Congrats to April 19-26 Bobcat of the Week, Daniela Barquin ’26.

Brendan Walsh '23 - Varsity Baseball

This Varsity Baseball player was a unanimous team choice for captain. In his last four games he has had 15 plate appearances, 7 hits, 1 single, 3 doubles, and 3 triples. His batting average is an absurd 0.538. Extreme hustle offensively and defensively are traits of his play on a daily basis. He has notched three stolen bases on the season—including stealing home this past weekend versus a strong Holderness team. He relentlessly works at his craft by practicing hitting outside practice hours with fellow teammates. Our Bobcat is a tireless servant leader with his work to clean up, set up, and provide a lending hand for anything the team needs. He respects his teammates, officials, coaches, fans, opponents, and every facet of the game. Congratulations to our second Bobcat of the Week for April 19-26, Mr. Baseball himself, Brenden Walsh ’23!