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New Outdoor Rink

Please read the Q&A below to learn more about Brewster's new outdoor rink.

Why is Brewster building a rink?
Brewster is excited to add this outside rink in part to ensure our hockey teams have a full season with minimal impact from the current renovations at the Pop Whalen Ice Arena. Our teams will now be able to hold daily practices throughout the first half of their season, rather than travel 2+ hours to access ice time at rinks outside of our region. We believe this project will help our student athletes maintain the important balance between sports, academics, and participating in community life, all essential aspects of their Brewster experience.

The rink will also enable us to develop intramural and JV programs– something that has not been possible in the past due to limited ice time available at the Pop. It will also allow us to add fun outdoor recreational offerings for students, host signature alumni events, and create opportunities to share our campus and create connections with the greater Wolfeboro community.

Will Brewster continue to play at the Pop Whalen Arena when it reopens?
Absolutely! Brewster Boys’ and Girls’ Varsity Hockey will return to their home rink for interscholastic competitions, continuing to rent ice time and play games at the Pop once it reopens in January. In the short term, the on-campus rink will primarily serve as a practice facility for our programs with teams playing away games for the first half of the season. When the Pop opens, our varsity teams will continue to benefit from some additional ice time provided by the on-campus rink, allowing our athletes to hone their skills and grow the program.

What type of ice rink is Brewster installing?
Brewster is installing a seasonal outdoor ice rink through Everything Ice. The rink includes full dasher boards, energy-efficient chillers, and piping that will allow for ice making in a range of winter weather conditions. 

Where is the rink located?
It is located on campus perpendicular to the Smith Center, behind the Anderson Hall parking lot.

When is it scheduled to open?
We anticipate that the rink will be ready for play after Thanksgiving break. 

Will there be opportunities for Wolfeboro town programs to use the rink?
Yes, we have offered the opportunity for ice time (free of charge) to hockey programs within the Governor Wentworth Regional School district as well as other local programs while the Pop Whalen Arena is under construction. We are also exploring other recreational opportunities this could create for the greater Wolfeboro community while the Pop is under renovation. If a team or program is interested in exploring ice time, please contact Brewster’s director of athletics, Connor Wells at