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Equestrian 2019


Competitive Equestrian is a program that is offered fall, winter, and spring terms that meets 6 days/week. The program is for riders that can walk, trot, canter, and jump. Riders will lesson with qualified trainers and will have opportunities to compete at local and nationally rated horse shows. We will attend and host clinics with top equestrians in the industry. Riders can ride all year or one term. We will also offer seminars with Veterinarians, Blacksmiths and other equine specialized professionals. Being a great equestrian is more than being in the saddle – horsemanship skills are equally important. 



Alicia Wingard


Opponent Date Time Location Details Result Score
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Name Class
Estelle Amaitis 2022
Lillian Fanton 2022
Anjelina Lewis 2023
Mason Santomero 2022