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The Campaign for Brewster

The impact of Brewster's student-centered, team-based education can be fully mapped only with the passing of time. The effect our work has on individual students, our shared academic community, the larger communities we're a part of, and on the world of education itself is exponential.

These widening spheres of influence represent transformation on three levels -- students, community, education -- each one reinforcing and giving shape to the next. No other boarding school in the country is so intentionally focused on the scaling of its influence. 

Our greatest asset is the time-tested Brewster Model: an extraordinary culture of teaching and learning for a cognitively diverse student population combined with a potent set of classroom practices. With a growing body of evidence behind us, we know it's the way education should be. We have reached an inflection point in our capacity to shape the world as it should be. This is truly a watershed moment.

We hope you will join in supporting Our Watershed Moment: The Campaign for Brewster. 



Brewster's campaign is not about what our school wants. It's about what we believe our students need, our community needs, and the broader world of education needs."kristy kerin, head of school 

Our vision is bold - Campaign Video




Reimagine Rogers

We will build a vibrant student center and creativity hub, with flexible, expanded space purposely designed for socializing, performing, and project-based learning.

Develop South Campus

We are creating a distinct new dormitory environment for our lower school, initiating a ripple effect that will transform the flow and connections across our entire residential campus.

Strengthen the Fund for Brewster

We will upgrade our existing facilities and campus byways, expand support for our students and faculty, and make strategic investments in our academic programs by raising at least $1 million each year for the Fund for Brewster. 

Endow Financial Aid

We will increase scholarships for local students and those from farther afield who bring a valuable range of backgrounds, perspectives, experiences, and unique talents to our campus. 

Campaign Impact

Together, in this historic moment, we will make investments that will launch Brewster on a path to realize our vision: an approach to learning with the exponential power to transform education, communities, and the lives of students in our care. 


WATERSHED MOMENTS: Campaign Impact Stories

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