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By investing in Brewster's South Campus, we aim to further enrich a residential life experience where learning happens spontaneously, where deep relationships are built, and where students are lifted and find joy in their surroundings. 

Toad Hall, the first of at least two new residence halls, opened in May 2018. The new facility was built with very specific goals. It is light-filled with an oversized common room designed to draw students out of their rooms and bring them together. It has four faculty residences attached to a 22-student dormitory -- creating adult-to-student ratios unheard of in boarding schools. Rooms include a mix of singles and doubles, even some private bathrooms for students with specific needs. It offers quiet study areas and group meeting areas, and was designed with neighborhood in mind. 

Our second new residence hall will complement Toad Hall as a home for lower school boys. We will relocate the Maintenance Facility to create a beautiful residential neighborhood, radically reimagining circulation on south campus to make it almost entirely pedestrian. A meandering, tree-lined path that bounds a large greensward will connect this residential district to Brewster's core campus.  




A Week in the Life of Toad Hall

Brewster's communications associate, Marta Carreño, spent a week checking in on the ninth grade girls in Toad Hall, Brewster's newest residence hall. What she found was nothing short of a family network, with girls from six countries and seven states living and growing together. Enjoy a glimpse into life in Toad Hall in the slideshow below. 


Boarding school means opportunities for connections day and night. 



The terrace behind Toad Hall is called Maeve's Outlook. Students from the surrounding neighborhood of dorms enjoy sitting outdoors on the terrace enjoying the views, the fire pit, and the camaraderie.

Maeve's Outlook 


Just like at home, the kitchen is a place where connections are made. 

Melendez Family Kitchen 


Dorm meetings are a touchstone moment each week. Girls come together to share announcements, celebrations, and to explore themes of personal and community growth. 


Friendships are made quickly and can last a lifetime.


Depending on the time of day, the common room can serve as library, study hall, theater, dining room, or just a cozy spot for conversations and gatherings.


The quiet room is a great place for students who need some focused study time. 

Zeigler Family Study Room


Afternoon activities come with a lot of gear! The girls have a gear room on the main level to store lacrosse sticks, skis, luggage, skateboards, you name it! 

Rossignol & LaViolette Family Gear Room


Dorm meetings are a family affair! Community Life Parent, Michelle Dodge, and her youngest daughter lead the girls during their weekly dorm meeting. 


A favorite feature of Toad Hall is the in-house laundry room. Toad Hall is located on the southern edge of campus, so this feature save students from carrying laundry to and from the main laundry station in Estabrook.  


There is always someone available to study with you. Students can choose to study in their rooms, at the common room table, or in the quiet study room. 


Students return to Toad Hall after classes to prepare for afternoon activities, then head back out for athletics, afternoon arts, robotics, or community service activities.


Each floor has a dedicated restroom for roughly 8 girls. There are built in cubbies for toiletries and the spaces are clean and bright.


Day and night, Toad Hall is filled with laughter and energy!


The common room is large and light-filled, designed to draw students out of their rooms to enjoy one another and the beauty of campus around them.


Dorm rooms in Toad Hall are comfortable and clean. After a busy day, it can be nice to retreat to the quiet of the dorm room to study and relax.


The big screen television in the common room means regular movie nights and game nights. Rivalries get pretty exciting as students come together to cheer on their favorite home teams. 


A warm cup of cocoa, a comfortable couch = home away from home. 


There's nothing better than a fresh batch of brownies to bring a dorm together. 



A beautiful home to return to, day or night. 

A Campus Like no Other

Set in historic Wolfeboro, on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, Brewster's setting is truly unique. With a mixture of bold academic buildings and traditional New England houses, we seek to create a living and learning environment that is as distinct and beautiful as our setting. 

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