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Life Income Gifts

Life income gifts are gifts to Brewster in which you irrevocably transfer property to Brewster or our agent and Brewster promises to make payments for the remainder of your life, the lives of you and a love one or a term of years.  

A portion of each payment is taxed as ordinary income, but part is treated as a tax free return of principal and is not taxable. These types of gifts may help reduce of offset capital gains tax associated with the the asset transferred allowing all of the gift to be put to work generating the annuity payment.  

The income resulting from these types of gifts can be deferred. Deferred payments can result in higher payments making this type of gift a powerful retirement planning tool.  

Your circumstances and the size of the life income gift you would like to create with Brewster have a big impact on what type of gift is appropriate. We are happy to work with you or your advisor to achieve your philanthropic goals via this type of giving. Please contact Director of Advancement John Northrop at 603-569-7141 with questions.


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