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Stock and Appreciated Securities

A gift of long-term, appreciated publicly traded stock may save money in two ways: income taxes may be reduced because of the charitable donation, and the donor may avoid the capital gains tax that would have applied had they sold the shares themselves.
Securities can be transferred electronically, or stock certificates can be mailed to the Advancement Office.

Notify your broker or bank to transfer securities as follows:
UBS Financial Services, Inc.
One Post Office Square, 32nd Floor
Boston, MA 02109
DTC#: 0221
For Brewster Academy Account #JJ 1108877
Attn: David H. Carlson or Richard Carlson
Phone: 617.261.2508; Fax: 617.261.2572
Note: If you are transferring shares electronically, please contact Associate Director of Advancement Beth Hayes at 603-569-7133 prior to the transaction.

We value stocks and bonds using the average of the high and low prices of the security on the date that it reaches our account. To receive the best tax benefit do not sell appreciated securities and donate the proceeds as it may trigger capital gains regardless of your charitable intent. Please let us know of your intent to make a gift of appreciated securities. We would like to know the number and the type of stock you plan to transfer to our account.  

In addition to publicly held stock, gifts of closely held businesses can be transferred to Brewster. Closely held stock or business interest will require valuation by a qualified appraiser. In the case of closely held stock the corporation issuing the stock must be willing and able to buy the stock, but not contractually obligated to do so.

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