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Gap Year Program

The gap year experience has been gaining popularity in the United States with more and more post-graduate applicants seeking an additional year prior to entering college. There is encouraging data that indicates there are clear advantages for students who take a gap year—they are more likely to be more engaged at the college level, to maintain a higher GPA, and to graduate on time. Many colleges and universities are now actively promoting and seeking applicants who have been involved in these valuable opportunities. 

Brewster has celebrated a long legacy of a post-graduate program and recognized the added value of this additional year to prepare for college. For those post-graduate students who seek to learn more about the world and about themselves prior to embarking on the college or university experience, this is a perfect opportunity to do so within a structured program.

We offer a Gap Year program that provides a traditional fall session on Brewster Academy’s Wolfeboro, N.H. campus for students to fully immerse in the on-campus experience, prepare for their upcoming immersion programs, complete their standardized testing requirements, and work with our College Office on their college application process. During the following two trimesters, they will participate in the abroad programs in Spain: the Canary Islands in the winter followed by Santiago de Compostela in the spring. Their coursework will be tailored to each student’s specific goals and requirements in preparation for their college transition. (Students do not need to speak Spanish to take advantage of this opportunity.)

Who is this Gap Year experience designed for?
  • The student who seeks more time and authentic cultural experiences before college.
  • Someone who is unsure of their preferred course of study or even a future career path.
  • A soon-to-be high school graduate who is a little burned out and needs to discover their excitement for learning and exploration again!
  • Anyone interested in learning Spanish, whether they've studied it before or not. 
  • Anyone who values the opportunity to fully explore the world, learn more about themselves, and develop independence by journeying into the unfamiliar.

The Canary Islands, Spain