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Fall Trimester Immersion

This ten-week trimester program beginning in September 2019 is based at Brewster’s European campus in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, the capital of the Galicia region and part of the well-known Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route with a population of 96,000 people.

Seminars and classrooms are located in the Monastery of San Martin Pinario, a 12th-century Benedictine monastery that is the second largest in Spain. In addition to the students’ regular curriculum, they will enjoy courses on Western European history, exploration, and religion that take advantage of their location. Students will follow their Brewster curriculum and have the benefit of working with local educators who have been trained at Brewster. They will participate in on-site and travel experiences that reflect their curriculum focus, including group excursions to Krakow, Poland; Prague, Czech Republic; and Vienna, Austria.

Living in pairs with an established network of host families, the students experience a full cultural immersion that will enrich their minds and lives.

If you’d like to talk to a member of the Global Initiatives Office team, please call 603-569-7400 or email us at If you are ready to apply for the Fall Trimester in Europe, click here for application.

Monastery of San Martin Pinario in Santiago de Compostela, Spain



Where does the Fall Trimester Immersion trip go?

Santiago de Compostela, Spain. This is in the Galicia region of Spain, along the country’s beautiful northwest Atlantic border.

Who is eligible to go?

Any student in grades 10-PG who has completed at least one trimester at Brewster is eligible to apply for a trimester immersion trip. We ask that any new student attending Brewster spend their first trimester on campus to enjoy all the friendships and excitement that happen right here in Wolfeboro. Please note, the Global Initiatives Office also offers a two-week immersion trip for freshmen only to Cadiz, Spain. For more information about that trip, click here

Who runs the immersion trips? Who will be there with my child?

Brewster’s Global Initiatives Office team runs all the trips personally. The immersion trips are not “farmed out” to travel agencies or companies that handle large student travel programs for multiple schools. Brewster-trained faculty and staff are on the immersion trips, teaching and guiding the students for the full trimester. 

Are there interpreters? Does my child need to speak Spanish to travel?

Speaking Spanish is NOT a requirement of these immersion trips. All our staff abroad are bilingual. Working through the language barrier with the host families (some speak some English, others do not) is part of the immersion experience.  

What is the cost?

$5,500 plus airline ticket. This covers the full 10-12 week immersion experience, including housing with a host family, academic excursions to other cities, group activities, meals, and all transportation other than airfare.  

Is there financial aid to help cover the cost of these trips?

Yes, there is a limited amount of financial aid available for these trips. The Global Initiatives Office can provide details. 

How much money will my child need for “extras” or incidentals not covered by the main fee?

They should have pocket money for their own expenses, like souvenirs, snacks, and toiletries they may need to buy throughout the trimester.   We have also found that students need some available cash for local transportation when they have some time outside of school hours to explore, meet friends, and absorb their local surroundings.  

Where will my child live?

The students live with local host families. There are two Brewster students in each host home so they have a “buddy.”

How can I find out about my child's host family?  

The Global Initiatives Office (GIO) will provide you with information about the host family, and you will have the opportunity to connect with the host family before your child’s departure. However, for the proper management of the program, the GIO makes final decisions on family assignments.

How will my child’s medications be monitored?

Brewster’s Health Services are in constant contact with Brewster’s on-location staff/faculty. The traveling staff are trained on the administration of these needs before departure and will have full medical records as needed for each student. The staff then coordinates medication requirements with host families for those taken outside regular school hours.

What if my child has dietary restrictions?

Brewster’s Health Services and Nutrition Programs will design a diet for your student that will be sent to the host family prior to trip departure.

How will my child keep up with their regular curriculum?

During the Trimester Immersion, our students take their mainstream courses in a regular academic day in our campuses abroad with a team of international faculty who have been trained by Brewster in all aspects of our curriculum, systems, and teaching methods. They have direct access to all campus-based Brewster teachers for maintenance of standard curriculum and they have pre-approved elective curriculum based on student-based program objectives as well as culturally relevant programs. Students do not “fall behind” by taking advantage of this travel opportunity. In fact, we believe a trimester abroad actually enhances your child’s education in many ways. Not only are they exposed to a new culture, they gain leadership skills, confidence, and independence, all while forming deep bonds with their fellow Bobcats and host families. 

Will my child be able to play sports?

Yes, there is access to athletic facilities while traveling. While your student will not be on a sports team while away, they will have opportunities to participate in sports with local students.   

How can I feel confident about my child's safety?  

The Brewster Global Initiatives Office has a fully vetted Safety and Security Abroad Plan that you may have access to. All of our faculty are fully trained, and a standard part of any immersion trip is Health and Traveling Insurances as well as International SOS services. Our safety rules with students are very rigorous and students are also trained on safety and security before departing. In case of any emergency, students can contact the program leaders on-site. We have three to four fully trained teachers on-call 24/7 for a maximum of 15 students.

If there is a medical emergency, who will take care of my child?

All of Brewster’s campuses abroad have access to hospitals and equipment as they have in the U.S. In the case of in-program traveling, all destinations on our itineraries have medical and emergency services.

How often will I be kept informed of my child's schedule and activities by someone other than him/her?  

Before the departure, we distribute a Trimester Experience Handbook specifically designed for your student’s program where you will find a full, detailed calendar of all activities. Also, the on-site Program Director sends periodic reports of the program’s progress, which include trip highlights, photos, and upcoming plans. In addition, Brewster’s Communications Office publishes periodic updates on social media platforms. You can also have direct connection to the On-site Program Director and Brewster’s Global Initiatives Office if you’d like more personal feedback on your child’s experience/behavior on the trip. Finally, your connection with your students can be constant with internet apps such as Whatsapp. 

What about my child’s cell phone? Will it work there? Can I email them?

American cell phones with an added international plan work perfectly. If you find this cost prohibitive based on your plan, the students have access to WIFI in host family homes and in campus facilities. They can then take advantage of apps like WhatsApp to make international calls and send texts.  Local cell phones can also be purchased as desired and are recommended.

What is the evening schedule and are there any rules guiding free time?

Host families follow the rules established by Brewster’s personnel. Free time and evening rules are clearly established and comply with Brewster's standard set of Safety and Security Procedures. 

We are so pleased that you are interested in the amazing opportunity your child has to enroll in the Fall 2019 Trimester Immersion trip that Brewster is offering to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. You likely have a lot of questions, and we hope we’ve answered them all here. If you’d like to talk to a member of the Global Initiatives Office team and have your questions answered directly, please call 603-569-7400 or email us at