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Student Weeklies

Note: To access Student Weeklies, go to the Portal and log in using your ID and Password. Once in the portal, click on the Academics tab and then click on View Weeklies. Each week students meet with their advisors to review their standing with grades and with daily expectations. They write a summary of the week, which is reviewed by their advisor and then the report is approved for parent viewing. We believe that this form of communication is extremely important in helping students see themselves as having real responsibilities for their own success.

Students are asked to include the following in their weekly report:

  • Their BMP record (absences, lateness, or missing homework) for the week and a comment about the record
  • Their grade averages in each class and applicable comments
  • What was something interesting, unusual, or meaningful that happened this week?
  • When an Emotional Literacy Program activity has been part of the Advisory, students will comment on that.

Parents have the means to write a response to their students, and we believe this kind of communication is vey important for all students. We do encourage parents to keep their responses positive. We know kids will be very responsive to hearing words of praise and encouragement from you! The main purpose of the Student Weekly Report is to help our students develop the habit of self-assessing and setting short-term goals. We also want the weekly to be a means of keeping parents informed and to foster a partnership between home and school.

Some weeks students may not be available to write a weekly due to sickness, sports, or other events. If that is the case, please feel free to e-mail your son or daughter to see how things went that week.

Each Friday, a new report will become available, and you will be able to write a response to your student until the following Tuesday at midnight. At that point, the system will refresh to allow new reports for the next week.

Dress Code

Brewster Academy believes in maintaining an atmosphere where a sense of pride and developing self-discipline and personal strengths are reflected in the dress code. The academic dress code celebrates a respect for learning and is also an important expression and recognition of the Brewster Pillars.

Academic Dress
Dress pants, corduroy pants, khakis, or capris; all pants must have pockets and zippers
Dresses (not strapless), skirts, shorts (all within fingertip length)
Collared, tucked-in, buttoned dress shirt (only top button undone), blouse, or turtleneck worn with a belt
Sweaters with dress code top underneath
Appropriate footwear (dress shoes, boots, athletics shoes or sandals in excellent condition)
Leggings/tights only to be worn with dress or skirt
All clothing should be free of writing and should not promote inappropriate behavior

Other Imperatives
No hats, sunglasses, or headphones
Hair must be a uniform, natural color
Students are expected to be clean shaven at all times unless an exemption is granted
No exposed pierced jewelry other than in the ear without permission
No exposed skin (e.g. midriff, strapless, backless)
No denim of any kind, color, or resemblance

Considerations for other types of exposed jewelry and/or medical and religious exemptions from the shaving policy should be directed to the upper and lower school deans.

Formal Dress
Required for some formal meals, award assemblies, and other occasions throughout the year

Option 1
Blazer with dress pants and a belt, button-down collared shirt with tie
Option 2
Dress or skirt of fingertip length, with a shawl or cardigan
Option 3
Dress slacks with dress blouse
Option 4
Formal attire representing a student’s international and/or cultural identity

Spirit Dress
Every Wednesday and Saturday
Dress slacks: corduroy, khakis, no jeans or sweatpants
Dress shorts or skirts (all within fingertip length)
A prominently displayed, Brewster Academy top (no tank tops)

Cakes and Gift Baskets

Order a cake from Brewster's Dining Services as a surprise for your child for a birthday or special day. Call Chris Dill at 603.569.7119 (603.569.8492 fax) at least one week before the special day if you would like to order a cake.

Prices are:
$12 for an 8" round cake, which serves 8-10 people
$18 for a 1/4-sheet cake, which serves 12-16 people
$24 for a 1/2-sheet cake, which serves 18-24 people

The end of a trimester, as students are busy finishing projects and studying for tests, can be a nice time for students to receive a special package from home.

Gift Baskets From the Campus Store
Gift baskets are available through the Campus Store. Cindy is happy to customize baskets, which can include, but are not limited to: candy, tee-shirts, gift cards to local businesses, fresh baked cookies, and a Brewster teddy bear. Baskets begin at $35 and 48 hours notice is appreciated. To arrange for a gift basket, e-mail Cynthia White  or call 603-569-7129.

Places of Worship

There are a number of various Christian services within walking distance. The Catholic church is about 10 minutes away, the nearest synagogue is about 45 minutes away and the nearest mosque is about an hour away. If you are interested in attending services regularly and/or would like to attend for major holidays, reach out to the Weekend Activities Coordinator, and they will be sure to get you there. 

All Saints’ Episcopal Church
South Main Street

First Baptist Church of Wolfeboro
116 Center Street (Route 28)

First Christian Church
83 North Main Street

First Church of Christ, Science
217 South Main Street (at Green Street)

First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ
adjacent to the Brewster campus

St. Katherine Drexel Catholic Church
42 Hidden Springs Road (Route 28)
Alton, New Hampshire


When and where is the senior prom?
The senior prom is on Thursday, May 23, 2019, at the Bald Peak Colony Club in Melvin Village (15 minutes from campus).

Who can go to the prom?
Any senior or postgraduate may attend the prom (with or without a date), as well as any student invited by a senior or postgraduate.

When can parents take photographs?
Parents can take photographs at the Pinckney Boathouse on campus beginning about 5:30 p.m. At this time, prom goers participate in a promenade. This is a great photo opp and parents are welcome and encouraged to join in this fun celebration.

How do students get to Bald Peak?
Transportation to Bald Peak Colony Club leaves from the Boathouse about 6:30 p.m. Students are not allowed to drive themselves to the prom. Transportation options are:

  • Brewster Buses: no charge
  • Coach Bus: approximately $25 per person
  • Limousines: These must be booked through Caroline Chartier in the main office (603-569-7100). Students are responsible for payment in full before the prom. Student accounts cannot be used to pay for limo rentals.

When does the prom end?
The prom ends at 11 p.m. and students return to the Boathouse for the Head of School's breakfast, which begins at 11:30 p.m., and the senior slideshow. Immediately following the slideshow, boarding students return to dorms and day students depart.

Tuxedo Rentals
Transport to a local tuxedo retailer is available on some weekends for orders and measurements. Students will need a credit or debit card for payment. Students should watch for these date reminders from Peter Mann as the time gets closer.

How can students order flowers?
A local florist will be on campus to take orders at a date to be determined. Flowers can be picked up on campus on the afternoon of the prom.
If you have questions that have not been answered here, please contact Caroline Chartier.


End-of-Year Pick Up

The last day of school for underclassmen and seniors is May 25, 2019 – the same day as Brewster’s Commencement. The following information will help you plan the pick-up of your child on this very busy day so that you may plan your arrival on campus accordingly.

The Commencement ceremony, which all students are required to attend, will conclude around noon, at which time faculty and students will reunite for one last time outside the Smith Center to offer good wishes and farewells. This is a bittersweet time for our seniors, underclassmen, and faculty and staff. With the joy of their much deserved accomplishment – high school graduation – comes the reality that they are leaving Brewster and their classmates, underclassmen friends, and teachers – for many, their family away from home.

After this gathering, seniors, their families and guests, underclassmen, and faculty and staff will enjoy a celebratory luncheon. After lunch, graduates move out of the dorms, say their final good-byes, and depart campus.

Following Commencement parents of underclassmen may arrive to help pack up their students to depart campus. There will be time in the schedule on Friday for students to organize and pack so hopefully when parents arrive underclassmen will be ready to depart.

We expect all students to leave campus on May 25. If an international student has an early flight, they may be excused from the graduation ceremony or be excused in the middle of it. Deadline for transport is Friday, May 10. 

If you have further questions about Commencement, please do not hesitate to contact at 603-569-7191. 

One last reminder: if you have medications in the Health Center, please stop by and pick up these medications to take home.

Book Buy Back

Books rented from the bookstore are due by May 24, 2019. Rental books can be checked in at the buyback event or log into your bookstore rental account here print a label, and return them by mail.

Buyback Event (in the Estabrook)
Check back toward the end of the 2018-2019 school year for days and times.

The booklist for next fall will be posted over the summer. Let the bookstore keep an eye on the calendar for you! Sign up here for an email reminder alerting you of when the booklist becomes available.

Why should I sell my books to Follett?
Follett is your school’s official bookstore. When you sell back to us, the book will be available to next year’s students. Each time a book is sold through Follett, it supports Brewster  and its students while books sold elsewhere do not.

What determines the book’s buyback value?
Demand and condition. We want you to be happy with a used book you buy from us, so the condition of a book matters at buyback. During major buyback periods, we may offer as much as 60 percent of your book’s original price and if an instructor requests your textbook for the next term, the value increases.

What book conditions are acceptable?

  1. All pages, bindings, covers are intact and complete.
  2. Pages should not be torn, missing, marked up or highlighted excessively so that the print is obscured.
  3. Textbooks with water damage, stains, and/or pages sticking together are not considered in "good condition".

Follett Customer Service at or 888-382-3383

Summer Storage

For families who would like to store student belongings over the summer – for either returning students or for graduates attending college in the United States – we have partnered with Dorm Room Movers (formerly All Campus Storage) to make move-out as simple as possible. Here's what to do:

Reminder: The School does not provide any moving or storage services; only Dorm Room Movers does.

Full service summer storage includes:

  • Boxes and tape for your student to pack
  • Pick-up and delivery by professional movers 
  • $100 insurance per box or unboxed item
  • Climate-protected storage and 24/7 security
  • Pre-arrival Delivery: Your student’s items will be waiting for them neatly in their room next fall.

Dorm Room Movers also provides a ship-to-college option for graduating seniors as well as a general shipping option if you would like your boxes shipped anywhere domestically.

Questions on either of these services? Call Dorm Room Movers at 888-7MY-DORM  (888-769-3676).

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
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(f) 603-569-7199

Admission Office
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Advancement Office
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