ArtCat Award

ArtCat Award
Mary Roetger

We are introducing this year’s first recipient of the ArtCat Award, Brock ’25! This award is chosen by the Brewster Arts Department to recognize and celebrate the creative achievements and contributions of students in our fine and performing art courses and enrichments.

The arts’ department says, “We are delighted to announce that our first ArtCat Award is off to a very creative start for the community of artists at Brewster. With their photography being featured on Brewster’s Instagram page, Brock has established a place among Brewster's talented elite!”

When asked about their photography, Brock said, “I enjoy photography a lot because there’s a story behind every photo. No matter how little, there’s a reason the photo was taken. Maybe it’s because you thought the sky looked pretty, or you thought the trees looked interesting. Maybe you just clicked the shutter button by accident! A photo doesn’t have to have a reason to exist, but there is always something that caused the photo to be taken. I find that really interesting.”

Scroll through a photo album here to see a glimpse into Brock’s favorite shots taken at Brewster thus far–and be on the lookout to see more in the future!

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