ArtCats: Gigi Sassi ’23 and Nick Mitrovik '26

ArtCats: Gigi Sassi ’23 and Nick Mitrovik '26
Brewster Arts

Gigi Sassi '23
While this student doesn’t like public recognition for her work around campus, she has been a huge help to the theater program for the past two trimesters. She was the only member of our after-school theater group who was able to handle the sound cues for the winter musical, The Lightning Thief. She stepped up as the technical director for the recent Spring Showcase. Things always go more smoothly with you around. Congratulations, Gigi Sassi ’23.

Nick Mitrovik '26
This student has shown enormous growth in Fundamentals of Dance this year—he is enthusiastic, genuine in his dance moves, and eager to learn new techniques. This student has shown phenomenal awareness of movement and kinesthetic aptitude. The department is hopeful that he continues his dance skills throughout his years here. Put your hands together for Nick Mitrovik ’26!