ArtCats: Julia Koumrian ’24, Sam Hanabusa ’25, and Ibrahim Fitaihi ’23

ArtCats: Julia Koumrian ’24, Sam Hanabusa ’25, and Ibrahim Fitaihi ’23
Brewster Arts

May 16, 2023

Art Cat: This student joined our theater program this spring trimester and in just a few short weeks she was acting and singing in front of students, parents, faculty, and the Brewster Board of Trustees. She is a diligent student of theater with excellent natural talent. Her initial audition was totally unique and demonstrated her totally unique voice. Congratulations, Julia Koumrian, and we hope we see you on stage again next year. 

Art Cat: Throughout the year, this student has brought a can-do attitude and positive approach to the art studio. Whether she is brainstorming an idea, crafting a work of art, or reflecting on her process, this student gives it her all. Her work is thoughtful in her approach to incorporate her voice and perspective while honing in her skills in the elements and principles of art. Congratulations, Sam Hanabusa, on earning the title of Artcat of the Week!

ArtCat: This Spring in 3D Animation this student has worked hard to produce his very best work. Always wanting to push his work further, he asks questions to improve the quality of his work. Working hard to make his work original, showing great attention to detail and technical mastery, he has a strong understanding of the principles of animation and is able to create visually stunning images. Through his questions and inquisitive nature he helped to push the program further by inspiring the class to dive deeper into 3D animation techniques. Congratulations Ibrahim Fitaihi for earning this week's Bobcat of the Week!