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Winter Arts Awards

Winter Arts Awards
Brewster News

On Monday, February 24, we announced winners of Brewster Winter Arts Awards as well as Scholastic Arts Awards. The following students were recognized for their achievements:

Dylan Schultz: Unsung Hero
Alison Ansorg: MVP
Mary James: Director's Award
Bill Mulgrew: Director's Award

Studio Arts
Selena Phinney: Excellence in Studio Art

Anders Pineau: Excellence in Ceramics
Lelia Davis: Excellence in Ceramics

Fabrication Design
Caleb Brennion: Excellence in Fabrication Design

Vocal Performance
Morgan Johnson: MVP, Most Versatile Performer

Digital Art
Khelsi Petigny: Excellence in Digital Arts

Lillian Fanton: MVP

Erin Gallagher: MVP

Jazz Band
Hang Liu: Perseverance in Musical Aptitude

Shannon Murphy: Yearbook Photomaster

Katie Carey: Most Growth in Photoshop
Drew Naylor: Most Growth in Photoshop

3D Animation
Jiawei Wang: Excellence in 3D Design

2020 Scholastic Arts Award Winners


Video: All-School Arts Awards Ceremony