Winter 2021 Athletics Awards

Winter 2021 Athletics Awards
Suzanne Morrissey

Brewster announced its Athletics award winners for the Winter Trimester at an all-school meeting on March 28, 2021. “We were faced with some major challenges this winter, but once we got going, it was simply awesome,” Director of Athletics Matt Lawlor said at the opening of the virtual ceremony. Lawlor and Brewster Head of School Craig Gemmell worked diligently with their counterparts at other Lakes Region League schools to find a way to make in-person games possible, which was even trickier for indoor winter sports. Lawlor noted that due to the safety restrictions agreed upon by the League, “Our teams did it without the fanfare of spectators, tournaments, or college coaches visiting our venues. They did it because those involved loved competing, loved the sport, and loved just being a part of something bigger than themselves.”

As the coaches announced their team’s awards, they echoed the gratitude they and their players felt for the hard work that went into making the season possible. Girls’ Varsity Ice Hockey Coach Jamie Smith thanked Brewster’s COVID Task Force for “all their efforts in making sure we would have games this year,” adding, “I’m so grateful that we didn’t just throw in the towel and say we’ll just do practices all year like so many schools out there did.” She also expressed great appreciation for her team. “We had early-morning practice every single day,” Smith said, “and not a single player on our team missed practice this year. As a coach that meant so much to me. It says a lot about our team and a lot about our program.”

But before the winners were revealed, Mr. Lawlor shared his personal Top Ten Moments of the Season, which has become an eagerly awaited part of Brewster’s Athletic Awards ceremonies. His Top Ten included the Girls’ Varsity Basketball sweep of Proctor, a team the Bobcats haven’t bested in GBB in a number of years; Drew Daigneault’s charge to seal a home win against New Hampton (“I have been around the game of basketball for nearly 40 years,” Lawlor said, “and I have never seen a ‘walkoff’ drawn charge in a basketball game before. It was impressive!”); and Patrick Green’s 34 saves for the Boys’ Varsity Hockey program in an outing at Tilton (“Patrick now has a reputation in the League as being among the best goalies in the Lakes Region,” he said.) To see the whole Top Ten list, watch the video of the awards ceremony here.

Congrats to all the Bobcats who excelled on the court, rink, and slopes:

Boys’ Prep Basketball
Coaches’ Award: Kayden Easter
Coaches’ Award: Jack Miller
Coaches’ Award: Carter Kingsbury 

Boys’ Varsity Basketball
MIP: Bodhi Boston
Coaches’ Award: Colin Scharneck
Coaches’ Award: Tucker Carlisle    

Girls' Varsity Basketball                           
Coaches’ Award: Khelsi Petigny
Coaches’ Award: Katie Carey                   

Varsity Alpine Ski           
Coaches’ Award: Caleb Brennion       

Boys’ Varsity Ice Hockey           
Coaches’ Award: Matt Harding
Coaches’ Award: Reed Currie
Coaches’ Award: Brady Hoff

Girls’ Varsity Ice Hockey                
Coaches’ Award: Kara Luby
Coaches’ Award: Zoe Tamborello

Most Valuable Rider: Alec Beland
Most Improved: Steven Kelly
Coach’s Award: Vega Martinez

Boys’ JV Basketball
Coaches’ Award: Eric Carbonneau   
Coaches’ Award: Mikey Yang
Coaches’ Award: Charlie Alfieri

Boys’ JV B Basketball           
Coach’s Award: Andy Do Carmo
Most Improved: Tim Rybecky 
MVP: Zak Maxey         

Girls’ JV Basketball               
Coach's Award: Elisha-Grace King
MVP: Malia Schmidt

Again, if you’d like to see the recording of the virtual Awards ceremony, click here

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