New Outdoor Ice Rink at Brewster

New Outdoor Ice Rink at Brewster
Brewster Athletics

November 2022

With winter on the way, we’re elated to announce that our new on-campus ice rink is almost ready for the upcoming season! This outdoor rink will serve as the central practice space for our hockey teams, as well as a new opportunity for fun weekend activities. 

The new rink, situated between Anderson Hall and the Smith Center, is a full regulation-sized rink, complete with boards, glass, and benches. It is supported by an energy-efficient cooling system that will make ice available throughout a variety of winter weather conditions, as well as a Zamboni smoothing and cleaning the surface. Plus, outdoor lighting will let it be used into the evening!

In addition to supporting Brewster’s boys’ and girls’ varsity hockey programs, the rink will allow us to develop intramural and JV programs at Brewster, and give those looking to learn a new skill the opportunity to do so. We will also be using this incredible new resource to host the return of the Winni Classic, an alumni outdoor pond hockey event to be held on January 7.

To read more about the building of this ice rink and the thoughtful decisions that went into it, as well as how it may be utilized by the Wolfeboro community, check out our FAQ page here.