A Truly Amazing Event

A Truly Amazing Event
Suzanne Morrissey

The New Hampshire chapter of Miss Amazing held its annual show at Brewster’s Anderson Hall on May 22, and the excitement of being back in person after two years of virtual events was palpable. Brewster has a tight bond with this organization that provides opportunities for girls and women with disabilities a chance to shine and build leadership skills. Not only are Brewster students eager to help out as “stage buddies,” makeup artists, and more, our own Maria Found is the chapter’s director and Emily James is one of its associate directors. Two Brewster alumnae also joined the team who made the event possible: Katherine Martin '21 and Zea Hirshberg ’20. 
Miss Amazing is a national organization that provides options to girls with disabilities that reflect their boundless potential. The mission of the organization hinges on changing the status quo for these girls, and breaking down the myths about their capabilities. Miss Amazing notes that girls with disabilities are often held back from taking risks that could enrich their personal development, deprived of opportunities to make friends, and granted less access to resources—and as a result, girls with disabilities are more likely to experience low self-esteem than girls without disabilities.
But at the event on Brewster’s campus, all the Miss Amazing participants found themselves supported and encouraged to consider their goals, challenge themselves, and take pride in every aspect of their identities. 
Registration and prep took place at the new Grayson Student Center, where participants enjoyed a welcome speech and judges’ interviews, then rotated over to Anderson Hall for rehearsals. They also enjoyed some hair and makeup time before the big show began. Participants moved through an opening dance, on-stage introductions, sharing their “passion projects,” and feeling super glam in the evening wear competition. Everything culminated in awards and sashes being presented in various categories, and a dinner for all the Miss Amazing participants, their families and their show buddies and helping hand in Estabrook. 
Mrs. Found said it was impossible to pinpoint a favorite moment of the day, but shared that watching the participants open the event with a newly added dance feature that was choreographed and taught by Brewster students Zoe Schwartz ’23 and Erin Gallagher ’23 was definitely a highlight. “Having so many students and adults step up to volunteer for the day, despite it being the final Sunday of the school year, in order to make this day extra special for the participants and their families was just great,” she added. Another top moment is seeing all the hugs and high fives happen throughout the show, especially at the end of the ceremony.

For more information about the Miss Amazing organization, visit missamazing.org. To see the livestream of the event at Brewster, click here. And to see joyful photos from the event, courtesy of Mrs. Found, Katherine Martin ’21 and Zea Hirshberg ’20, click here.


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