Bobcat Spotlight: Jack Barnes ’14

Bobcat Spotlight: Jack Barnes ’14
Danielle Krause

This month’s Bobcat Spotlight shines on Jack Barnes, a proud member of the Class of 2014 who is excelling as a Sales Manager at, a prominent player in recruitment and staffing technology.

After graduating in 2014, Jack earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Strategic Communication at High Point University in North Carolina. His professional journey began in Boston at Bullhorn. As a sales development representative for this leader in recruitment technology, he was able to follow his passion for sales. Through his experience at Bullhorn, Jack developed an affinity for the staffing industry and the technologies supporting it, cementing his presence in the field ever since.

Jack attributes his robust work ethic to his time spent at Brewster Academy, underscoring the pivotal roles played by Al Simoes and Peter Mann in grounding him and instilling the values and benefits of hard work. Reflecting on his Brewster experience, Jack jokingly points to the positive impact study hall had on him. The most significant lesson he learned was that “creativity does not belong in a box—whether it’s academics, music, or sales—creativity exists.”

Aside from his successful career, Jack is deeply passionate about music, specifically rap. During his Brewster days, he released three mixtapes, collaborating with Cody Livermore ’14, Christopher Rizzo ’14, and Weston Nolan ’14. Fond memories include freestyle rapping in Sargent Hall with friends and convincing Athletics to allow him to pursue music instead of a sport his senior year. Jack fondly recalls spending countless hours in the Rogers recording studios, where he also performed a concert for his Project-Based Learning (PBL) course. His passion for rapping continued to college and beyond. Jack credits his rapping skills as another way to connect and communicate with friends and colleagues. Although his love for music started at home, it was cultivated, enriched, and supported at Brewster.

Brewster also gifted Jack with lifelong, cherished friendships. These connections have endured the test of time, sharing that his hallmate, Weston, from junior year is now one of his best friends. Since relocating to the Boston area, Jack has had the opportunity to reconnect with fellow Brewster alumni and continue to grow their relationships in the next stage of their lives. Below is a snapshot of Jack and his Brewster best friends, all proud members of the Class of 2014: Cody, Christopher, Jack, and Weston.

For current Brewster students, Jack shares this simple yet profound piece of advice: “Trust the process and the people, and the rest will come.”