Brewster Community Celebrates at 2024 MUD Ceremony

Brewster Community Celebrates at 2024 MUD Ceremony
Suzanne Morrissey

Brewster Academy celebrated the end of another school year with its Moving Up Day ceremony (lovingly called “MUD”) on Monday, May 20. The event begins with all students in their formal dress finery, processing from the Estabrook to their seats in the Smith Center. 

With everyone seated by Team, Head of School Kristy Kerin begins the ceremony, explaining that MUD is the time the community celebrates a long list of academic achievements, hears the announcement of leadership positions for next year, and cheers as Dean of College Counseling Tim Cushing shares everyone’s college destinations. It is also the day the person chosen by The Winnipesaukean staff for the yearbook dedication is revealed. This year, that honor went to Mrs. Laura Cooper, 9th grade Team Leader, who is retiring this year after 25 years of service to Brewster. As yearbook editor Gracie Mouradian ‘24 made the announcement, Mrs. Cooper received a standing ovation and graciously accepted a floral bouquet and the first copy of the 2023-24 Winnipesaukean. “We thank Mrs. Cooper for the many ways she has helped, encouraged, and cared for thousands of Brewster students,” Mouradian said. “Your impact on our class and so many others is deeply appreciated and deeply felt. Thank you, Mrs. Cooper.”

MUD also includes the presentation of gold tassels to National Honor Society members and Honor Roll students and special pins to Lifers, those students who have been at Brewster all four years of high school. (This year 40 of the 104 graduates were Lifers.)

Another special moment was the announcement of this year’s inductee into the relatively new Brewster Arts Gallery of Excellence. Brewster began the permanent gallery two years ago, and each year one piece that exemplifies exceptionalism in artisanship and creativity is inducted into the collection. Department Chair Liz Baker McClain said, “After deliberating as a department, this year we have selected a piece that reflects the artist’s interest in a variety of art forms from fine art to sculpture to lighting design, as well as the student’s deep love for and concern about human impact on our environment. I am pleased to announce that Green by Liam Fahey will be added to the Brewster Arts Gallery of Excellence.” With that, a covering was removed from the easel, showing the audience a framed photo of Fahey’s detailed piece. 

Ms. Kerin also asked the gathered students, faculty, and staff to join her in recognizing several employee milestones. 

The ceremony concludes by symbolically asking each Team to move up to the front of the bleachers as the Class of 2024 is dismissed Ms. Kerin explained, “Each class moves up closer to the front of the bleachers while faculty remain in their spots— this symbolizes the students growing and moving into new class years, while your teachers are dedicated to the new group of students they will be guiding next year,” adding that it was Mrs. Cooper who brought this now-treasured tradition to Brewster! “Another example of the impact she has had on this institution and the people who work, live, and learn here. Thank you, Mrs. Cooper.”

See the complete list of MUD awardees and leadership positions below.

Our 2024 Valedictorian has attended Brewster for three years. During her time here, she has been incredibly committed to her community and her classes. Over her career, she has completed more than 100 hours of community service and has taken six AP classes. She graduates with a two year cumulative GPA of 4.2805 and will attend Northeastern University-London. Congratulations to Paulina Trott!

First PG
This year's top post-graduate student, or “First PG,” is a Royal Thai Scholar. He played soccer in the fall and also participated in Robotics and Outdoor Skills this year. He has been very busy academically, taking four AP courses as well as an advanced mathematics class. He graduates with a GPA of 4.305 and will attend MIT in the fall. Congratulations to Pipitchaya “Sprite” Sridam.

This year’s class Salutatorian has attended Brewster for four years. A standout field hockey player and multisport athlete, each year she has taken a more and more challenging set of courses: This year, she is taking four AP classes, and she has taken seven AP classes overall. She graduates with a two year cumulative GPA of 4.2705 and will be attending Vanderbilt University. Congratulations to Zoe Hausler.

The Myrtle Dodge Award is presented to the student whose grades and recognition scores reflect a high level of investment and good citizenship, as well as distinguished academic ability and performance. The recipient of the 2024 Myrtle Dodge Award epitomizes unwavering dedication to all of her pursuits. Demonstrating exceptional commitment across academic, athletic, and social domains, she tirelessly dedicates herself to self-improvement. From early morning basketball practice until late night study, her diligence knows no bounds: She is the embodiment of dedication, hard work, and excellence. Her continued involvement at the Math Tutor Center is noteworthy as she gives back to her peers and community. Additionally, her profound passion for art resonates through her captivating creations, enriching the lives of those who encounter them. All her contributions are, in many ways, a model for us to emulate. Few words can accurately describe the impact that this student has had in her short time here at Brewster and, most importantly, the impact that she will have in the wider world someday. She is not just a person you will want to get to know, she is a force that illuminates the lives of those around her. Congratulations to Margo Morozova, this year’s Myrtle Dodge Award Winner.

The Warren P. Tyler Memorial Award is presented to the student who demonstrates self-reliance and integrity; whose recognition scores reflect outstanding maturity, honesty, and character; who is deemed most likely to become the “good citizen” adult we hope all our students will become; and who never sees obstacles, but rather sees challenges. Since her freshman year, this year’s award recipient has been exemplary in her efforts to create positive change at Brewster. In addition to being an inspiring role model for our students, she is a dedicated three-sport varsity athlete, a loyal friend, a caring proctor, a frequent tour guide, and an active member of numerous clubs on campus. Moreover, she is unafraid of challenges and strives to leave an impact in every area of her life. We are so lucky to have her for one more year at Brewster, and Luce Colcord is an extremely deserving recipient of the Warren P. Tyler Award.

The Dartmouth Book Award is presented each year by the English Department to the student with academic excellence who is an avid reader, writer, thinker, contributor, and collaborator. Throughout his junior year at Brewster, this year’s recipient has been an incredible student in AP English Language. In addition to being a talented wordsmith, he is an effervescent classmate, a curious thinker, and a joyful scholar who brings out the best in others. This student’s efforts and accomplishments extended to the stage, where he won this year’s school competition of Poetry Out Loud. This year’s Dartmouth Book Award goes to Logan Cliche.

The Colby College Book Prize Award is presented by the History Department to the student who commits energy and passion for social science or civic leadership and shows clear strength of character and leadership in the classroom and community. This year, the history department recognizes a student who embodies the ethos of an historian. He is driven not only by a boundless enthusiasm and curiosity for the study of the past, but also by a desire to excavate and share deserving stories with the wider world. In achieving these ends, this student is willing and determined to do the difficult work of wading outside comfortable digital waters and into the intimidating world of phone calls and emails, databases, and primary sources buried in books, videos, and archives. This student already possesses a graduate-level caliber of research skills, and we are so excited to see what he will contribute to the field of history in the coming years. The department's Colby Book Prize this year goes to Reid Singer

The Holy Cross Book Prize Award goes to the student who demonstrates great promise and a love of languages, and who has completed an upper level language course. This year’s recipient has been persistent in his pursuit of continued language learning, going out of his way to meet with the department about being placed in an upper-level Spanish class. Despite already being a functional polyglot, he is adamant about challenging himself to build increased proficiency in the languages he has yet to master. A natural leader in class, he helps his peers on a daily basis, while continually asking pointed questions that prompt discussion and engagement. He has also approached the department about the possibility of adding French to his schedule next year, demonstrating a hunger for language learning that makes him especially well-deserving of this award. Congratulations to the 2024 recipient of the Holy Cross Book Prize Award, Dwayne Aristode

The Brown University Book Award goes to the student who has attained excellence in the field of mathematics, who has demonstrated a willingness to help others and who possesses the same genuine desire to learn that we hope to engender in all students. It's an absolute honor to commend this year’s recipient of the Brown University Book Award, a young woman who embodies the very essence of mathematical excellence. Her fervor for mathematics not only shines through her own remarkable achievements in AP Calculus, but also in her tireless efforts to uplift her peers in all math subjects at Brewster. Whether she's collaborating with fellow students in her dorm or leading sessions at the Math Tutor Center, her commitment to ensuring her peers not only comprehend but deeply grasp mathematical concepts is unparalleled. Beyond campus, this student extends her altruism to the wider community, offering her expertise to local elementary students, leaving an indelible mark on those she mentors. Her insatiable thirst for mathematical knowledge propels her to explore new horizons and embrace challenges with unwavering enthusiasm. Her dedication knows no bounds, as she consistently demonstrates a willingness to go above and beyond to support her peers, embodying the epitome of mathematical prowess and boundless generosity of spirit. A beacon of inspiration and a true luminary in the world of mathematics, Margo Morozova is this year’s recipient of the Brown University Book Award.

The Harvard Book Award is given in recognition of outstanding academic achievement and superior intellectual promise in the field of science. A shining example of a student with a passion for learning, the 2024 recipient’s insatiable curiosity and unwavering determination have not only propelled her academic journey, but also have inspired those around her. Her inquisitive mind is a beacon of light, illuminating paths to discovery and understanding. Beyond the confines of textbooks, her curiosity knows no bounds, and her passion for science and art are apparent. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of curiosity. It's this deep curiosity that sets her apart as a standout student, always eager to delve deeper, to question, and to innovate. Here's to celebrating this student’s transcendent curiosity and the bright future it promises: The Harvard Book Award winner is Anna Simon!

The Richardson Award is bestowed on the student who has recognized the value of utilizing the instructional support the student has been given, striving to improve skills and investing one’s personal best in all situations. In the spirit of celebration and recognition, this year we honor a student whose journey epitomizes resilience, growth, and unwavering dedication. Throughout her academic journey, she has shown commitment to improving herself, embracing support, and tackling challenges head-on. From employing strategies learned in Instructional Support to leading by example, her commitment to personal and academic development is commendable. Her achievements are marked by diligence and positivity. We proudly celebrate the deserving recipient of this year’s Richardson Award, Charlie O’Connor.

Brewster’s Jon Konheim Journalism Award goes to the student who exemplifies outstanding dedication to the quality of Brewster Academy’s student publications. The recipient of this year’s Jon Konheim Journalism award is a true multi-hyphenate. An actor-writer-journalist-environmentalist-artist-editor and, of course, a Swiftie, this true gentleman embodies bravery, dedication and activism. Despite occasionally facing extreme pushback, he stands up for what he believes in, and his work reflects a desire to make the world a better place and to encourage his peers to do the same. He is the first student to serve as the editor-in-chief for both the student newspaper, The Browser, and our award-winning literary magazine, Outcroppings, all while also serving as a lead actor in the school musical, running the Environmental Club, serving as an officer for the National Honor Society, and creating an incredible capstone project for the arts. For all that he does for our school publications and more, the Jon Konheim Journalism award goes to Mr. Liam Fahey

The William J. Britton-Dorothy Coyle Award goes to the student who has shown exemplary commitment to and involvement in one or more of the performing arts while at Brewster Academy. This year’s recipient is a dedicated and talented actor who commands the stage. He has been an active participant in the theater program for all four of his years at Brewster. This year he continued to distinguish himself. He started the year strong with his dramatic interpretation of the Raven as part of our fall play Shuddersome Poe. In the winter, he impressed the audience with both his portrayal of the Caterpillar and the Mad Hatter in Alice by Heart. This spring he worked tirelessly to present Danforth from The Crucible as part of our Crucible workshop. This year’s William J. Britton-Dorothy Coyle Award goes to Jack Northrop.

The Albert S. Munnis Visual Arts Award is given to the student who is self-motivated and goal oriented, who has demonstrated a strong commitment to the visual arts and continued growth and development as an artist.  Since her enrollment at Brewster, this year’s recipient has immersed herself in many of the fine art offerings at the school. Over her two years at Brewster she has taken photography, studio art, fashion, and ceramics—lending her voice and passion to each of these disciplines and sharing her artwork with the school community. This spring, she even enrolled in theater. Further, she is a strong supporter of her fellow artists, helping with art show set-up and promotion wherever she can. For her outstanding dedication to the arts, the Albert S. Munnis Award goes to Ana FitzGerald.

The Melissa Roja Lawlor Brewster Social Justice Award is given annually to the student who does the most for the school in terms of building acceptance, awareness, and inclusion. In just her first year at Brewster, this year’s recipient has dedicated herself to the work of making our campus and other independent schools more inclusive, sustainable, and equitable in regards to race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, and more. She has played an important role in moving the needle forward for individuals and our institution as a whole, leaving a legacy that will continue to grow in the wake of her journey beyond Brewster. We are lucky to have her passion, her light, and her drive for all human rights for one more year and I cannot wait to see what she has in store. It is an honor to present our Melissa Roja Lawlor Brewster Social Justice Award to Aya Brown. 


Sophomore Class Leaders:
Isabella Bailey
Lex Burke
Anelya Caesar (prefect)
Emory Condon (prefect)
Trent DiGiovanni
Lillian Finklea
Maya George (prefect)
Evelyn Heppler
Henry Hu (prefect)
Michael Jozokos
Charli Madill
Wyatt Randall
Thomas Sommer

Junior Class Leaders:
Owen Arndt
Christa Badilla Chaves
Will Baldwin
Will Brochu (prefect)
Jonathan Dion
Harper Dolce
Travis Gillen
Estelle Good
Alex Gordon
James Hatzos
Tori Hayden (prefect)
Grace Rizzitano
Sophia Rock (prefect)
Hannah Ruegg
Casey Shea
Luke Smolan (prefect)
Hanna Taylor
Reika Ueno
Grace Watson

Senior Class Leaders:
Ian Barr
Maverick Bennett
Tyler Berkman
Moasiah Bility
Abby Brodney
Aya Brown (prefect)
Lauren Christy
Logan Cliche
Savannah Coffey
Luce Colcord (prefect)
Reese Cronin
Mason Dawkins
Belle Derosiers
Magnus Dolan
Will Dumont
Jadon Holmes
Chloe Horgan
Noah Jacobs
Anna Leroux
Casey Light
Andrew Melly
Jack O’ Neill
Yuma Okazawa
Christian Palm
Randall Preston
Dylan Tal

Head Tour Guides (Gold Key):
Sophia Rock
Belle Desrosiers
Reika Ueno
Jack O'Neill

The Brewster Browser Staff:
Co-Editors in chief: Noah Jacobs and Eliza Spindler
Managing editor: Grace Watson
News editor: Katherine Twombley
Co-Features Editors: Mila Bahr and Matt Niembro-Porto

Outcroppings Staff:
Editor in chief: Logan Cliche
Art Editor: Hannah Ruegg
Contributing Editor: Noah Jacobs

The Winnipesaukean Editor:
Sofia Henley

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