Brewster Hosts Olympic Medalist Kacey Bellamy

Brewster Hosts Olympic Medalist Kacey Bellamy
Kara McDuffee

Not many people can say that they've seen an Olympic gold medal, let alone held one. That is now something Brewster students can say after Friday's All-School event.

We were honored to welcome Kacey Bellamy, a three-time Olympic hockey medalist winner, as the guest speaker for our recent All-School Meeting. Bellamy shared her remarkable journey with our students, weaving a narrative of resilience, commitment, and the pursuit of dreams.

Student prefects Ellery Gnazzo '24 and Boaz Sochaczeski '24 introduced Bellamy and shared some of her background and accomplishments. A prominent figure in women's ice hockey, Bellamy is a New England native, growing up in Westfield, Mass., and spending four years at Berkshire School before going on to a very successful collegiate career at the University of New Hampshire. In her 15-year professional career, she tallied eight World Championship gold medals, an Olympic gold, and two Olympic silver medals. Bellamy is also a leading advocate for equality in women's sports. In 2017, she fearlessly fought for equality by leading a successful boycott of the World Championships. Now, she serves as the Director of Athletic Development at Maples Crossing, a sports complex in Massachusetts, where she continues to contribute to youth sports development.

In her speech, Bellamy delved into the importance of self-discipline, a theme that has been central to her success in both hockey and life. She shared insights into her multifaceted career, ranging from competing and winning championships to venturing into poetry with her book Unbroken Hearts of Gold (2018). Throughout her narrative, she gave important lessons to our students that included developing your mental skills, setting accomplishable goals, and being a leader who listens.

"A big part of being a leader is how you treat your teammates," she explained. "In my career, I've learned that it's so important to make sure everyone feels heard and feels important. They need to feel like they have a voice." 

Bellamy also talked about her time in boarding school, calling it "the best four years of my life." When asked to reflect on her time at Berkshire in the Q&A, she talked about how much she put herself out there. "My roommate was in the theater, and I was able to hang out with completely different people in different environments. Having that balance in who I hung out with helped me get through Berkshire," she said, following up her earlier advice to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Bellamy's words clearly resonated with Brewster students, as many stayed after the meeting to chat and take a photo with her. Kacey Bellamy's visit was not just a guest speaker event; it was a moment of inspiration, motivation, and connection with a sports icon dedicated to making a positive impact on and off the ice.

You can see more photos from the event on our Flickr here.