Creative Expression Honored at Fall/Winter Arts Awards

Creative Expression Honored at Fall/Winter Arts Awards
Suzanne Morrissey

With a snazzy Marvel Comics-themed intro to its recent All-School presentation, Brewster’s Fine and Performing Arts Department highlighted the creative talents of our students—from dance to ceramics to photography to writing. Oh, and did we mention acting, studio art, 3D Design, stagecraft, multi-media arts, and yoga (which we consider an artform)?! Whatever artistic pursuit a Brewster student wants to explore, it’s clear that there is a class or activity they can enjoy and immerse themselves in. 

The Department also announced the student art awards for the Fall and Winter trimesters. Congratulations to all the artists and creators who share their vision with us! (Remember, student artwork is on display in Anderson Hall and around the Ac, and when the lower level of the Rogers building opens, a student art gallery will showcase even more pieces!)

Multi-Media awards:
Most Improved Freshie: Steven Jackson ’25
Creative Deep-Dive Discoverer: Alexia von Foerster ’23
Year-bookie: Petra Chuenarrom ’22

Studio Art & Ceramics awards:
Dynamic Drawing Award: Emilia Merz ’24
Ceramics Master: Roffee Loosigian ’23 and Bube Momah ’22

The Sensational Solo Award: Golden Kakaram ’22

Yoga & Theater     
Most Dedicated Yogi: Axel Keller ’22
Theater Innovator: John Northrop ’24
Photography & 3D Animation:
Most Growth in Photography: Dylan Hennessey ’22
Photographic Discovery: Marvell James ’24
Dedication to 3D: Mark Saengrungkongka ’22

Catchy Tunes Champion: Yayee Viboon ’22
Jack of All Trades: Mac Tiarawut ’22

View awards presentation here

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