DEI Webpage Launches!

DEI Webpage Launches!
Suzanne Morrissey

Brewster’s website will now include a section devoted to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Guided by our DEI mission statement—“Brewster Academy is committed to creating an inclusive environment in which every community member is able to live authentically and feel a sense of safety and belonging”—the content will include educational resources and event announcements, along with thought-provoking and celebratory articles and videos.

"Although diversity, equity, and inclusion themes have long been a part of Brewster's curriculum," says Head of School Craig Gemmell, "this marks the first time we have created a designated place on our website for these important topics. I am heartened that so many of our faculty, staff, and students contributed to the content for its launch, and even more excited that our community now has this resource." 

Director of Equity and Inclusion Melissa Lawlor has been working with students to create some of the touchstones of the new webpage, including a DEI Glossary and the Teaching Tuesday videos series. Teaching Tuesday began as the social media brainchild of Lawlor and her team, who wanted to create a personal weekly video message by a Brewster student who presented on an important topic. So far, the series has addressed implicit bias, the “N” word, reflections on being Jewish, “What Is Juneteenth?”, performative allyship, and more. 

In discussing the launch of the new webpage Lawlor quotes author Ralph Ellison, saying, “When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.” The line is taken from Ellison's 1952 novel Invisible Man. “That is Brewster’s hope for its students,” she adds. “We just want them to discover who they are and feel free. And we hope that when they do, they’ll soar.”  

One section reviews the club and affinity group opportunities at Brewster: the social justice club JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion), the BIPOC Student Union (formerly known as ONE; a social affinity group tailored to students identifying as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color), and the Gender Sexuality Alliance+ (a safe space for LGBTQIA+ students and allies to find community at Brewster). Another section showcases a list of DEI Events for students, faculty, and staff, including the Connect 2 Change one-day conference (for students who wish to enter into deeper dialogues on race, class, gender, sexuality, diversity, and equity), the popular Global Pop-Up Kitchens, and the All-School DEI Speaker Series.

But there is so much more to see! Why don’t you visit the new DEI webpage here and see for yourself. 

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