National Honor Society Welcomes 15 New Members at Brewster

National Honor Society Welcomes 15 New Members at Brewster
Suzanne Morrissey

In late January, 15 students joined the ranks of the John Brewster Chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS). With friends, faculty, and family looking on via livestream or in person at the ceremony in the Grayson Student Center, NHS advisor Jen Dumont welcomed the audience.

Inductees are selected for their achievements in the National Honor Sociey’s four pillars: scholarship, leadership, character, and service. “The pillars of the NHS mirror our own Brewster core community values, and I’m really proud of the dozens of students who applied to become NHS members this year, and these 15 students who were accepted,” Mrs. Dumont said. “It is important to note that these students were eligible and were invited to apply, and they took the extra time and effort to submit a stellar application and to complete the required and very important 15 hours of community service, which is an integral piece of being a member of NHS. Good, smart people should do good things in the world, and the NHS is a strong proponent of that demonstrated service!”

NHS President Zoe Hausler ’24 introduced the day’s guest speaker, English teacher Mr. Peter O’Connor. “My wife is very excited to be here,” he began, “not to hear me speak—but she is a member of the National Honor Society, and she is so proud of that. I’ve heard about it for many, many years. So I’m really excited about an opportunity to speak.”

Mr. O’Connor went on to weave a beautiful message of radical inner transformation, or “metanoia,” using Shakespeare’s Othello and the life of John the Baptist as touchstones. “The paradox of this award is that it addresses this problem of conversion. We recognize that all these students, these magnificent students, have discovered a sense of purpose, so great as to put aside all those things that distract us in pursuit of those invisible realities that we can only hope to glimpse,” he said. “They are truly witnesses for all of us, in dedicating their lives to something larger than themselves, in how they will pursue knowledge, how they will serve others, how they will lead in difficult times. And what will be revealed about their character in how they conduct themselves.”

As is tradition, the current NHS officers (President Zoe Hausler ’24, Vice President Liam Fahey ’24, Secretary Maggie Doyle ’24, and Treasurer Paulina Trott ’24), handed each student their certificate and pin, placed a tassel around their neck, and lit candles representing the four pillars. They then led the new members reciting the NHS pledge. In another touching moment of the ceremony, new members shared messages of gratitude to those who have influenced and supported them along their path.

The new NHS inductees for 2023-24 are

Lily Belisle ’25
Finn Boston ’25
Abby Brodney ’25
Heidi Broussard ’25
Cole Butcher ’25
Logan Cliche ’25
Savannah Coffey ’25
Cailean Corbally ’24
Will Dumont ’25
Anna Jo ’25
Anna Leroux ’25
Casey Light ’25
Randall Preston ’25
Grace Renaud ’24
Ben Weiss ’24

Congratulations to all the inductees and the people in their lives who have supported their success!

Please enjoy photos of the ceremony (by Caitlin Cliche ’26) here, and a recording of the induction here.